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sterlet here?
Our captain roared:
Forward! Attack!
Lances ready! Sabers drawn!
Good work, men!
Hello, Grisha!
How's life
with your young wife?
All right.
Don't wake Natalya, woman.
She gets up early as it is.
She's going to plough with Grishka.
You prod Darya,
she's a lazy thing.
Paints her face, blacks her brows,
the spoiled woman.
Let Natalya take it easy the first
Grisha! Father calls you.
Darya! Come here.
You go plough those two plots
by the Red Gully.
- And Pyotr?
- He and Darya are going to the mill.
Give me a hand.
You've slept too long. What do you
want now? Go away or you'll get it.
l'll tear your tongue out!
Stop it, men!
Brothers, they beat our Cossacks!
Stop it, men!
Stop it!
Women, what are you looking at?
They'll beat up all our men!
l'll set it on fire! Get out of here!
l'll set fire!
Get out of here!
Mount your horses, Cossacks! Catch
up with them! They won't get far!
Who are you?
Wait, Cossacks!
To hell with you!
Bumpkin! Birdbrain!
Hit him in the peepers, Yasha.
Wait with the peepers. What's up?
- We beat the Ukrainians up.
- What for?
Forjumping the order.
They'll remember it long.
Ukrainians, they're very cross.
- And who are you?
- l'm a Cossack.
Aren't you a Gypsy?
No, l'm not a Gypsy. l guess,
you and l, we're both Russians.
You're lying!
Cossacks come from Russians.
No, l'm telling you,
Cossacks come from Cossacks.
ln olden times, serfs ran away from
their landlords and settled on the Don.
They were called Cossacks.
You know what? Go your way.
What a stinker,
he wanted to make us into serfs.
Who is the man, Afanasy?
A stranger. He wanted a lift.
How should l know who he is?
My name is Shtokman.
l'm a locksmith.
From now on l'll live in the village
of Tatarsky.
l also can be a joiner.
Let's go, man, we'd better not lose
You're like a stranger.
Like this moon.
Neither cold, nor warmth from you.
l don't love you, Natalya.
Don't be angry with me.
l feel sorry for you,
but my heart feels empty.
Like you feel in the steppe.
Natalya here wants to leave us.
- l don't know why.
- But l do!
l know why!
And l don't blame her,
for all that it's sinful.
lt's not her fault,
it's that swine's!
- What's my fault?
- Don't you know, you devil?
No, l don't.
Listen to me:
lf you won't live with Natalya,
clear out of here.
And that's that!
Just get out of here!
l'll tell you something, too, father.
Ann don't you get angry.
She wasn't my choice.
You married me off.
l'm not stopping Natalya. lf she
wants to, let her go to her father.
- Then you get out too!
- The hell l'll do!
Yes, go to hell!
- l will!
- Where will you go?
Let him go, the lecher!
Let him go, damn him!
Grisha, come back!
You can go to hell, the unloved one!
l don't know if it's good or bad,
but that's the story.
ls it our fault? That the Cossacks
have been reduced to such shame?
- Shut up, peasant.
- Peasants are people too.
l've seen all kinds of
people when l served in Petersburg.
l remember one incident.
We were on mount guard once.
We ride, and suddenly students out of
the corner. Multitudes of them.
They saw us, and ''Ha-ha-ha!''
What are you doing here, Cossacks?
l say: ''We're on guard, don't grab
the reins,'' and l draw my sword.
And one with a big nose takes a ten
from his wallet and says:
''Have drinks, Cossacks,
to my late father's health.''
He gives us those ten rubles
and takes a portrait out of his bag.
''And this is,'' he says, ''my father
in person. Take it as a souvenir.''
Well, we took it. The students
moved away, and again: <>
And we went along
Nevsky Prospect.
- Hello.
- Here comes another Cossack.
What's up, Grishka?
- Are you going home soon?
- Yes, soon.
- l'll sleep at your place.
- Had a fight with your folks?
So you went along
Nevsky Prospect. And?
Then we were relieved.

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