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and you'll get to your senses!
Like hell you will!
Whipping me?!
Go whistle for it!
Look at him, our Tsar Liberator!
To horse! The Reds!
We'll yet see who wins.
l shan't lay down arms.
Sit down to supper, brigands.
l'm a convinced fighter
against the Soviets.
And you call me a brigand.
- Rightly so.
- Rightly?
Don't you understand, fool,
that l'm fighting for an idea?
Stop pulling wool over my eyes.
Some <> you are.
A born brigand.
Good or bad, but the Soviet
government has held on since 191 7.
Anyone who fights against it
is a brigand.
Stop wolfing the food.
You're not alone yet.
There are four of us.
lf one goes,
the other three will have more.
You want to run away?
l've nowhere to run and no one
to run from.
But l'm going
and you can't stop me.
Stop it, Melekhov!
l'll shoot!
You won't.
You can't risk any noise.
Hello, Ksyusha!
Wait! Quiet. Don't open the door.
l'll come through the window.
How are you?
Where have you been?
What if you're caught, Grisha?
Don't worry.
Will you go with me?
To the south, the Kuban,
or even farther.
We'll earn a living.
l'll take any work.
My hands long for work,
not a gun. Will you go?
What do you think?
What do you think?
l'd walk,
l'd crawl anywhere after you.
l can't live
without you, Grisha.
What about the children?
Dunyasha will care for them.
Afterwards we'll take them.
So you going?
Once before we went like this
to Yagodnoye.
Only our bundle was bigger
and we were younger.
Why do you carry your rifle?
What do you need it for?
l'll throw it away farther on.
l'll throw everything away, Ksyusha.
Will you manage to hang on?
Lord, l'd ride, or crawl, or anything.
When we get out of the ravine,
the going will be easier.
Halt! Who goes there?
Go on, Ksyusha!
Keep lower!
A hit, l think.
For God's sake, say at least
one word! Why don't you?
What are you doing here?
Whom have you buried?
My wife.
- Where are you going?
- To look for an easy life.
Come with me?
An easy life?
No. Go alone.
And you, where will you go?
Yes, home.
Take the horse.
Thank you very much.
Good luck.
Good luck...
My son!
My little son... my son!
The End

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