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fed up with everything:
revolution, counter-revolution.
Let it all go to hell!
l want to live with my children
and work at the farm.
That's all.
No, man, that's not all.
The revolutionary tribunal won't
be asking you what you want.
When are you going to register
at Vyoshenskaya?
- One of these days.
- You must go tomorrow.
Give me a day to rest.
l won't run away.
The devil only knows. l don't
want to be responsible for you.
What a bastard you've become.
Don't you bastard me.
l'm not used to that.
You ought to get rid
of those officer's ways of yours.
Go there tomorrow.
lf you don't go by yourself,
l'll have you convoyed. ls it clear?
Everything's clear to me now.
My darling Grisha...
How gray you've gotten.
You're growing old, aren't you?
Oh, what a lad you used to be!
lt's Dunyasha.
Run quick, brother!
Four men have come from the town,
they say you're
to be arrested.
Thank you, sister.
Some bread, quick!
Not the whole one, just a piece!
Go back or they'll notice
your absence.
l'll send word of myself.
Through Prokhor.
Lock the door. lf they ask,
say l went to Vyoshenskaya.
Stop! Stop, son of a bitch!
Who are you? A Communist?
Hands out of your pockets
or l'll slice your head off!
- Go ahead.
- Where to?
Hands behind your back!
- And who are you?
- Russian Orthodox men. Go on.
Really, the steppe is wide,
but the road is narrow!
Where've you turned up from?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Take your coat off and sit down.
Where did my guys catch you?
Near the village.
Where were you heading?
Wherever my feet took me.
You think we caught you and
take your to Vyoshenskaya?
No, man, we're barred
from that place.
Don't get scared. We don't serve
the Soviets any longer.
We're divorced from them.
l'm thinking of stirring up
the Cossacks.
Stop fidgeting.
Do you hear me?
We hear there's war all around,
there're rebellions everywhere,
in Siberia, in the Ukraine,
and even in Petrograd.
The whole fleet has risen in that
fortress... what's its name...
ln Kronshtadt.
Well, what do you decide?
Speak up and let's go to bed.
Decide about what?
Are you going with us or what?
You can't hide in someone else's
barns all your life.
You're right.
l've got no choice.
l'll join your band.
What do you mean, band?
Stop calling us names.
Why do you call us a band?
lt's the Communists who call us that,
but you shouldn't.
We're just rebels. Brief and clear.
All right, that's it.
l'm giving you my horse.
l've got another one.
The red-haired one.
Cossacks! You know
of your own experience
what burdens the Soviets
have saddled you with.
lf they're not overthrown,
you'll face final ruin.
Good day!
See my strong army!
With such boys,
we can win over the devil himself.
The Soviets are doomed.
And you?
Stop your babbling.
Learn how to speak from me.
As of today,
we free you of a requisition
for farm produce.
You are not to deliver grain
any more!
lt is time to stop feeding
the Communist parasites!
They've been fattening
on your bread!
But we're ending all that.
You are free people!
Arm yourselves and
support our government!
Hurray, Cossacks!
Your government is good,
but have you brought us soap?
Whose bread are you eating?
They'll start stealing
from our houses.
They've got sabers, they'll cut
our chickens' heads.
What do you mean, not to deliver
Today you're here, but tomorrow
we're to answer for you?
We won't give you our men!
Go and fight yourselves.
No one's going to join them.
We don't need to rebel.
lt's time for harvesting,
not fighting.
Look at this one with a moustache,
riding around stirring folk up.
Don't you teach us!
Nothing to say, red devil?
Aren't l right?
Shut up, you pockmarked bitch!
Stop your agitating!
You Bolshevik swine! l'll knock
this nonsense out of your head!
l'll have you whipped
on your bare

- Eorin shinbu
- -,

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