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and fetch water.
How can you face me?
l've no reason to hang my head.
lf Pyotr had caught me,
what would he have done?
He would have killed me too.
We weren't at war
with each other
in order to play kissing games.
War is war, you know.
And my hand is steady
when l see the enemy.
That's why you've gone all yellow,
because of that steadiness.
lt must be your conscience
that's eating you.
Not my conscience,
but a fever.
- Otherwise, Mother, l would...
- l'm not a mother to you!
Get out of here!
Get out!
l can't bear the sight of you.
And your Mitka Korshunov,
isn't he a murderer?
And Grigory?
Why do you keep quiet about him?
lf anybody's a murderer,
it's he!
Are you going to mow in the meadow?
Everybody went to the other bank.
We have nothing to cross in.
The boat's dried up.
lt should be put in the water.
Who's is going to drag it down there?
Have you got any tow?
There must be some.
l'll see.
- Hello, namesake.
- Hello.
What are you going to do?
What l'm going to do?
Have to fix your boat.
Will you make a small rake for me?
l will.
What is it with you?
Listen, namesake, bring me some
covering. l'll lie down.
Grandma! Grandma!
Uncle Mikhail is lying
in the shed, all shivering.
Why don't you say something, Grandma?
Take him a blanket. Let him cover
himself, the antichrist.
He's got a fever.
- Can you carry it?
- l can.
Don't bother.
- Prokhor Zykov is back.
- Really?!
He got wounded. l'll go see if he
knows anything about Grigory.
Hello, companion!
Never thought to see you alive.
Hello, Prokhor.
l see that typhus makes your kind
even prettier.
Come on in, sit down.
Be our guest.
Let's talk
until my wife is back.
l've sent her for some home brew.
See how Polacks have worked on me?
Damn the bastards!
You'd better tell me...
l know. Grigory asked me
to give you a bow for him.
Why are you howling, you fool?
Women! Bad news or good,
they howl!
Wipe your face. He's alive and
well, he's even put on weight.
ln Novorossiyisk, the two of us
joined Comrade Budyonny's Cavalry.
Right. Grigory was put
in command of a hundred.
A squadron. And l was under him.
And we went straight to Kiev.
Will he be coming on leave?..
Don't even dream of it.
He said: <>
Ever in battle.
He's earned a citation.
That's your Grigory for you!
Sit down, let's have tea.
No, thanks...
Go on, then, run and tell
the whole village.
What are you doing, Mamma?
Well, Dunyasha...
When l come in from the yard,
it eases my heart.
As if he's with us already.
Mamma, give me your blessing
to marry Mikhail.
There you go again!
No, l won't give you my blessing.
l won't give you to him.
Then l'll run away from home.
Are you mad?!
What will l do alone
with the children?
Do you want to ruin us?
As you wish, Mamma.
l'll go all the same.
People are saying we hired
Mikhail to be our labourer.
My late mother blessed me
with this icon.
Taken all your things?
That's better...
Don't take any of mine.
Why the burial clothes?
lt's early for you to be thinking
of dying. God forbid!
No... it's time.
Look after the children
till Grisha comes.
l'm afraid l won't live to see him.
Why a church wedding?
- Can't we do without?
- No, Misha, don't even mention it.
Mother feels bad enough
about us as it is.
Oh, well...
What can l do with you?
My darling!
My dear son!
Mamma's getting ready to die.
What do you want?
You can retire, old man.
l've been appointed
in your place.
- Thank God!
- Hand over all the stuff.
Here, son,
are all the papers.
And more papers.
And still more.
And here's...
There it is! The village seal.
Take it all, for the love of Christ.
And what about me?
l'm over 70. lt's time for me
to make my peace with the Lord,
instead they've made me a chairman.
- Where's the secretary?
- What?
- l say, where's the secretary?
- Out sowing.
He's not been around


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