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you dare think of Mishka
My feeling sorry for his mother
changes nothing.
This is a different matter.
lf l hear
you're seeing him,
l'll tear you limb from
limb, like a frog.
- When are you leaving?
- Tomorrow.
You know...
l want to take
Aksinya Astakhova with me.
You have no objections?
What do l care?
You can take as many as two Aksinyas.
lt'll be hard on the horses.
What the devil do you want her for?
That's none of your business.
Well, the war's over.
The Reds gave us such a push,
we'll run all the way to the sea now
until we end up with our ass
in the salty water.
What are you grinning at?
You look like a young bride.
Glad to have escaped from the village?
Of course, l am.
Some escape.
You're a stupid woman.
Who knows
how this excursion is going to end.
l won't be worse off, anyhow.
You'd better keep mum.
Where's your husband?
Running away with a lover
and going nobody knows where!
What if Stepan comes home,
what then?
You know what, Prosha? You'd better
not meddle in our affairs,
or you'll have no luck either.
Save your bickering. We've a long
way to go, you'll have enough time.
- Grisha!
- l'm here, l'm here.
You see? l'm here, Ksyusha.
lt's bad, Grisha.
l'm here.
l'm here, Ksyusha.
Close the door tightly.
- ls she his wife?
- Yes, his wife.
Any children?
Yes, we've got everything
but luck.
Listen, friend, help me
in my trouble, for Christ's sake.
We can't take her any farther,
she'll die.
Let her stay with you.
l'll pay you
for taking care of her.
Naturally. Who would look
after her for nothing?
As it is we've more work
than we can manage.
Do it, please. l'll remember
your kindness all my life.
How much would you pay?
How much can you afford?
Take all l have.
What kind of money is that?
Haven't you any tsarist bills?
Maybe Kerensky's, then?
- This money isn't very reliable.
- l have no Kerensky's money.
Do you want my horse?
- Take it.
- Take it...
lt's no use, lf the Whites don't
confiscate it, the Reds will.
What? What?
Here, take this!
Choke on it.
All right, we'll do you the favour.
March 27, 1920
While we fought, they needed us.
Now they don't care a hoot for us.
Damn them, let's get away from here.
Let's go to Tiflis,
and from there to the Turks.
Have to save our skins somehow.
Why are you as gloomy as a fish?
No, l won't go.
What for?
Anyway, it's too late.
The Reds!
And once again spring came
to the village of Tatarsky.
Good day, dear neighbour.
You've been away a long time.
Why do you stare at me
and keep silent?
Have you brought bad news?
What about Grigory...
Was he sick when you parted?
No, he wasn't sick.
Thank God for that.
lt can't be that l should
lose my last son.
There's nothing for God
to punish me for.
Don't worry about him, Grandma.
He won't get sick.
He's strong as iron.
Such men don't die.
Did he ever think of the children?
Yes, of both you and the children.
Are they well?
What can happen to them?
But Panteley Prokofievich had died
when they retreated.
We're left all alone now.
Well, goodbye.
When you get settled,
come to see us.
lf you hear from Grigory,
let me know.
All right, Grandma.
Hello, Aunt llyinichna.
You weren't expecting me, were you?
Hello. What are you to me
that l should expect you?
A twice-removed cousin to our fence?
- We were acquainted, you know.
- And nothing more.
- l haven't come to live with you.
- That's all we need!
Where is Dunyasha?
Tidying up the house.
You're an early guest.
Good people don't come that early.
l've been longing for her.
l didn't care what time it was.
Mikhail, you'd better
not make me angry.
How am l angering you, auntie?
How can you have the gall
to come to our house?
How dare you even ask?
Who killed Pyotr? Wasn't it you?
Yes, l did.
Then what are you to be called
after that?
And you come here
and sit down as if...
- Hello.
- Hello.

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