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have nothing to do here.
Get the horse
and drive for the doctor.
What are you talking about?
Now what's happened?
The shameless woman!
To do a thing like that!
Father, don't come in, for Christ's
To do such a thing, the Devil's
Are you crazy, old man?
Don't poke in here!
Why are you dawdling, like a beetle
in the dunghill?
Natalya's dying!
Go! Or l'll go myself!
Have you gone crazy?
Shut up, you sticking scab!
Shouting at your father!
Cover me with a fur coat.
When l die, Mamma,
dress me in my green skirt,
the one with a stitched flounce.
Grisha liked it on me.
Don't cry, Mamma...
lt's nothing...
You said you'd be
dying soon, Darya.
You have years and years ahead of you.
And here my last hour has come.
What's the matter with you, Mamma?
l've fallen ill.
Come closer, my poor boy.
- Will you have supper, Mamma?
- l don't know. l think not.
Then l'll bring it in here,
all right?
Bend down, Mishatka.
You're so like your father...
Only kinder-hearted...
Give him to me.
Grigory Panteleyevich, not so fast,
you'll kill the horse!
Grigory Panteleyevich!
The horse is done for!
We couldn't save her...
ln the late July of 1919,
the Don White Guard Army's
forward units
were stationed at Balashov.


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