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you can even kill me!
What for?
Don't do your neighbour dirt!
Don't disgrace me!
Don't roam about, you lecher!
l won't let you beat me!
l'll flog you in front of everybody!
The devil's seed!
l'll have you married to Marfutka
the fool! l'll castrate you!
l'll marry the son of a bitch off!
Grisha, my love...
Only nine days left...
Plenty of time yet.
What shall we do when Stepan
comes back?
l guess you'll drop me?
You'll get afraid?
Why should l be afraid of him?
You're his wife, you be afraid.
Stepan's coming is nothing.
My father means to marry me off,
that's worse.
Who to?
He's only going to ask.
My mother says, the Korshunovs,
their Natalya.
Natalya is a pretty girl.
A beauty.
l saw her in church the other day.
She was all dressed up.
What do l need
her beauty for?
l want to marry you.
Grisha! Why did you stick to me,
you devil?
Oh, Grisha! You're
breaking my heart!
- Grisha!
- What's on your mind?
Honey... my darling...
let's run away.
Let's leave everything and go away.
l'd leave husband and home for you.
Let's go to the mines, far from here.
l've got an uncle at the Paramonov
mines, he'll help us.
Say something.
You're a fool, Aksinya.
How can l leave the farm?
And l'm due for military
service this year.
No, it's no good.
l'll never stir from the land.
Now Stepan is going to give her
the heat!
- Look, Stepan's so gloomy.
- Stop talking nonsense!
Hello, Father.
Well, Aksinya...
l don't deny l've sinned.
Go ahead and beat me, Stepan.
Not cooked dinner yet?
Not yet.
Get me something to eat.
Now tell me, my dear...
Tell me how you waited for
your husband,
how you guarded my honour.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Or l'll send you to the ataman!
What are you doing, devils?
Let's go, Grishka.
We'll stalk him somewhere.
You'll get it coming to you, too!
Leave him alone!
Or l'll send you to the ataman!
Receive your guests,
Miron Grigorievich.
Guests are always welcome here.
Marya, bring chairs for our guests.
We have some business.
You've got a bride,
we've got a bridegroom.
Can we come to terms?
How are you?
We're fine, thank God.
The thing is
that she's too young to marry.
Well, it's for you to decide.
A suitor is like an old beggar,
he can go and beg anywhere.
But if you look for a bridegroom
from merchants, for example,
or someone else,
that's another matter,
then excuse us.
Come on, my dear people!
The flower is in full blossom,
why should you keep it when so many
old maids are still unmarried?
As long as the matter's brought up,
you should decide it the right way
and make your child happy.
We're not enemies or evil-doers
to our children, are we?
Ours won't be left on the shelf.
Well, sooner or later,
you'll have to part with her.
Call your daughter, let's have a look
at her.
Come on in.
She got shy.
All right, go.
Aksyutka! Come here.
You did come.
What's that on your cheek?
- lt must be from a sunflower.
- And here, by your eye.
l can't take it any more...
l'm lost, Grisha.
What's the matter with him?
Don't you know?
Here. He beats me every day.
He sucks my blood.
And you're no better.
You've done your wrong, like a lecher,
and keep aside. You're all alike...
- Looking for someone to blame?
- Aren't you to blame?
Ksyusha, wait...
Well, l said the wrong thing.
Don't get offended. Why shout?
Don't be afraid, l didn't come here
to thrust myself upon you.
l guess, our love is over.
What do you mean, over?
How can it be?
Listen, Aksinya...
l've decided...
Take your kerchief off
or people will see us.
l've decided...
We have to go on living somehow.
So l decided,
let's put an end...
To what?
Let's end this story.
Take our bread and salt,
give presents to the newlyweds.
We give a shawl to the bride.
We give a steer!
Kiss the bride!
lt burns like fire!
Want some lamb?
Don't offer me lamb.
l eat only sterlet.
Sterlet? Where's

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