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You're going to receive money too,
500 rubles.
The Don Government thanks you
for your display of valour
and expresses its sympathy.
Can l go?
Yes, yes, of course.
We're awarding women who have shown
courage fighting the Bolsheviks.
The first recipient,
an officer's widow,
herself killed a commissar
famous for his cruelty.
O Lord! What did they give you
a medal for?
For lvan Alexeyevich, may he
rest in peace, the bastard!
And this is... for Pyotr.
- What will you do with it?
- With what?
- What will you do with the money?
- Whatever l want to.
Take it, Mother, to remember Pyotr.
Order a mass for him
and hold a wake.
A few more medals for me
and l'll be a general!
While the officers are fighting,
who is going to train
the old men?
So they'll be put
under my command.
Will l drill them,
the old devils!
That's how l'll drill them!
Attention, old men!
Beards pointing upwards!
Right, march!
And there they march, my old men.
One-two! One-two!
Stop your playing. Blow on it.
O Lord...
What's the matter with you?
Come on, come on...
l'm going to die soon, Natalya.
Stop talking nonsense.
Don't kiss me.
Why not?
l'm diseased.
Now you've done it...
Don't be afraid.
lt's not catching this way.
Listen, Natalya,
l want to confess to you.
l'll die soon anyway.
Whose ring is this?
Come on, don't be afraid too soon.
You know whose ring this is?
Right, our neighbour Aksinya's.
And why did she give it to me?
Think about it.
For sending Grigory out to her.
- Did you never guess it?
- l guessed it.
lf you did,
why didn't you ask him?
Want me to find out the truth
from Aksinya?
She'll tell me everything.
No, l don't want any favours from you.
lt's not for pity of me you confessed
that you put them together,
but to make me suffer even more.
That's right!
Why should l be
the only one to suffer?
Do you love your man so much?
As well as l can.
lt means you do.
l've never known real love.
lf l had my life
to live again...
maybe l'd be different.
l see you're
looking ill again.
Anything wrong between you and
He's gone back to Aksinya, Mother.
How... how do you know?
lt's true, Mother.
lt's your own fault.
Have to keep your eye
on a man like him.
l can't tie him to my skirt.
He's gone gray already
but doesn't let off.
ls that all your troubles?
Oh, Mother...
What do you mean to do?
What can l do?
Take the children and go to my old
folks. l won't live with him anymore.
l thought so too when l was young.
My husband was the same kind.
But where will you go?
Who else needs you?
And to take the children
from their father!
Besides, you're expecting another.
No, l won't even hear of it.
No, Mother, l won't live
with him any longer.
And l won't bear him any more
How can you say such things?
You have no shame.
Come on, enough.
Stop crying,
save some tears for next time.
O Lord! He's wrung
my heart out of me!
l can't go on like this!
May the Lord punish him!
May the Lord strike him dead!
Let him be dead
and not torture me any more!
- Have you gone mad?
- Punish him, O Lord!
Stand on your knees!
You hear me, Natalya?
Ask God's forgiveness.
Say you take those words back.
Praying for the death
of your children's father!
What a sin!
Bow to the ground and say:
And here?
Where's Natalya?
- What?
- Where is Natalya?
Collected a bundle and went out.
- When?
- ln the morning.
And what did she say?
What bundle?
How do l know?
Took a clean skirt, something else,
and didn't say anything.
Oh, poor girl...
Oh, what a misfortune...
What a misfortune!
ls Father home?
What have you done to yourself?!
Hush, Mamma.
Help me to bed.
lt's all right, it's all right...
Oh, poor girl...
Why are you standing?
Prepare the bed.
Strip off the clean linen.
Spread old rags instead.
Shut up.
Go away and don't come back!

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