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say to each other?
Why don't you say something?
We've already said it all, l suppose.
l think so.
A tree only blossoms once a year.
You think ours has already shed
its blossoms?
Don't you think so?
lt's so strange.
Yet l can't tear you out
of my heart, Ksyusha.
l have grown children,
l myself am turning gray,
and l still think of you.
l see you in my dreams,
l still love you.
- And when l remember...
- Me too...
l must go too.
We talked too long.
This is the spot
where our love began.
- Remember?
- l remember everything.
- Darya!
- Who is there?
lt's me, Aksinya.
Come here.
- Why would you want me?
- l need you very much.
What's this?
A ring?
- For me?
- For you. A keepsake from me.
lt's gold. Keep it.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
What do you want me to do for it?
Tell Grigory to come out.
You start it all again?
l want to talk to him about
helping Stepan get a leave.
- Why don't you come in then?
- No, Natalya might think...
All right, l'll tell him.
Why should l worry about him?
At the village of Ust-Khopyorskaya
What is it?
- Good morning. ls Koshevoy home?
- What happened?
lt's trouble. A mutiny in
the Serdobsky Regiment.
The infantry have disarmed
the battery.
They're holding a rally by the church
right now.
- Where's Koshevoy?
- He went to Ust-Medveditskaya.
l had a hunch yesterday that some
trouble was brewing. Get ready.
- Where're the other Communists?
- Who knows?
- Communists, all to a meeting.
- Coming.
You can leave the guns.
You're not going to battle.
Glory to the rank-and-filer!
Red Army men!
Shame on you!
You're betraying the people's
At the most critical moment!
You've been sold
to Cossack generals!
Your commanders are traitors!
Come to your senses!
They use you to undermine
the rule of the workers and
the peasants!
Don't! Don't dare!
You'll have enough time to kill me.
Glory to the Communist fighter!
You can kill me...
But let me speak!
Let me speak!
You can kill me, but l repeat:
come to your senses!
Your regiment commander...
Osip Davydovich!
You've been misled.
But Communism...
Will anyway...
Death to Communists!
To the enemies of working peasants!
Beat them!
They're coming!
Here come the prisoners!
The enemy prisoners!
Look, it's lvan Alexeyevich...
Look, they've got Kotlyarov!
l see.
Look in their dishonest eyes.
They've had their fun!
They wanted to get the land,
didn't they?
Here's one from your village.
Look at him,
the bastard!
And where's the other?
Where's Mishka Koshevoy?
Only one from your village.
lf we tear him to pieces,
there'll be enough for everybody.
Come on, neighbour, step back.
- Hello, friend.
- Hello, Darya.
Tell me, my dear,
how you killed
my husband Pyotr.
No, Darya,
l didn't kill him.
What do you mean you didn't?
Wasn't it you and Mishka Koshevoy
who killed our Cossacks?
l was in that battle.
So you were!
What are you doing?!
Are you going to kill your own?
Why locking yourselves up
with some rope?
Anybody home?
What's the matter?
Where are Mother and Natalya?
What's happened?
Have the prisoners gone through?
They killed them. Oh God, Grisha!
Our Darya, the bitch,
she herself shot lvan Alexeyevich.
You're lying!
What about Shtokman and Koshevoy?
They weren't among the prisoners.
Mother and Natalya got scared
and went to sleep with neighbours.
Darya came home
drunk as a beast.
She's sleeping by the barn.
Good morning, my good old men!
Good morning,
Your Excellency!
Please accept bread and salt
as a welcome from the Cossacks.
Thank you.
As you see, only old men, women and
children are left in the village,
who can't wear arms.
You may begin.
All the Cossacks fight on the fronts
for our common cause.
Darya Timofeyevna Melekhova!
- Melekhova!
- l'm here!
Oh, yes...
Are you the widow of the killed
Cornet Melekhov?

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