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He was an ataman, a bloodsucker.
Right. Andrei Kashulin
took part
in the execution of
Podtyolkov's Red Cossacks.
Fedot Bodovskov,
the same.
Lieutenant Grigory Melekhov,
hostile to the Soviet
True, Melekhov
has slipped through our hands.
Bogatyryov. Well, you all know
what kind of a man he was.
Koshevoy, while you're rallying here,
some force has broken in the villages.
Either the White Guards or something.
Communications are cut.
What's the matter, comrades?
Osip Davydovich, there's no
communication with the station.
Either the White Guards or something.
There's no communication.
Ride quick to Kashinskaya.
Give it to him, guys!
Beat the bastard!
What are you doing?
Let go of me, good people!
Let me get my revenge!
Antip, by killing the man you won't
bring your father back to life.
Men, they're dividing the sugar at
the storehouse, you better go there.
Who is it?
- Who is there?
- Open up, Mother.
Oh, my goodness...
Go away! For God's sake,
go away, Misha.
Yesterday the Cossacks turned our
house upside down looking for you.
Antip Brekh
even lashed me with his whip.
<< You're hiding him,>> he said.
''l wish we've killed the bastard.>>
Go away! They'll find you here.
O Lord, have mercy, save us and
Hello, neighbour,
why are you at home?
Have you had enough of fighting?
l'm not going to fight.
Take my horse,
do what you like with me,
but l'm not taking up a rifle again.
- What do you mean?
- l just don't want to, that's it.
lf the Reds take the village,
will you go with us or stay behind?
l'll see then.
Seize him, Khristonya!
Stand him up against a wall!
Let's go!
- Pals!
- We're no pals to you!
Let go, l'll join you.
l got weak after typhus.
At long last.
Go take your rifle.
Company! Get down!
Take the horses to cover.
Hey, brother! Don't waste bullets.
Fire when l command.
Look, lead your company
to the left.
They seem to be setting up a battery
at Matveyev Mound.
This position is no good.
We must avoid those ravines.
They might outflank us,
then we'll be in trouble.
They won't, don't worry.
The ravines are no problem.
- Well, watch out, man.
- Good luck!
Company, follow me!
Hey, <>, let us have
a ration of vodka.
Shut up, drunkard.
lf the Reds chop off your other arm,
how will you drink?
You'll have to gulp it right from
a trough.
l would do anything for a drink.
They're gone.
Mount! Across the ravine!
To the ravine, brothers!
Stepan Astakhov caught his horse
by the tail and got away.
But l didn't.
We're goners, brothers!
There they come.
Hey, you! Come out!
You haven't a chance!
Pyotr Melekhov, come out!
This is Mikhail Koshevoy speaking.
You can't get away.
To the right! Straight!
The gun forward!
Mount the gun on a cart!
Done with your fighting?
You were in command?
Move it!
That's enough.
You're my child's godfather!
Don't kill me, lvan!
Look! Look!
Look what your boyfriend has done!
All your seed should be exterminated!
Oh, Pyotr dear...
Oh, Pyotr...
Oh, my dear! Please stand up!..
Get back.
My son... my dear son...
Why have they done it to me?
What did l do to them?
What are you staring at?
Who needs you here?
To the front! The lot of you!
That's where you should go!
Fly away, you little canary,
Up you fly, up to the hills,
Sing a song about war,
Sing about our woe...
Grigory Panteleyevich, you are
our pride and our hope.
The generals are on top again,
they got all the power.
What power?
Here, you'd better drink.
Well, then, let's beg the Soviets
for forgiveness.
l was only joking. Drink, Khristonya.
Why joke?
lt's a serious matter.
Kudinov or the generals, we'll drive
them out and put you in their place.
l say we'll drive them all out
and put him in. Right?
lf they refuse to go, we'll move
troops against Veshenskaya.
No more of such talk!
Do you have moonshine?
- You

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