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my stomach turn.
l could go on fighting all my life.
l like it.
Fall in, again!
Take positions again!
And you say, not beyond the Don.
Time to end the war
and go home!
All right, let's go.
Move over, Prosha.
Go and look what's going on there.
l want to talk to you.
l visited Pyotr last week.
His regiment is at Kalach.
They're doing themselves fine
there, son.
Pyotr is a very thrifty man.
He gave me a sack of clothes,
a horse. A fine horse.
Wait. ls that what you've
come here for?
- So what?
- What do you mean, so what?
Everybody does it, Grisha.
Everybody does it!
Haven't you got enough of your own?
We shot men for such doings
at the German front!
Wait, l'm not asking for myself.
l don't need anything.
Think of your own good.
You're not too rich.
Why not take from those
who went over to the Reds?
lt's a sin to take from them.
Throw those ideas out of you
head, you hear?
The horse.
Stepan Astakhov's turned up.
Have you heard?
How come?
Aksinya's gone back to him.
You could send some presents
for my grandchildren.
What presents can l send from
the front? l'm off to the outpost.
- What is it now?
- Give me a hand.
Oh, God...
You'll never part even with your
shit, Father.
Shut up, girl. l'm not going to
leave them that boiler.
You're as thrifty
as that lousy Grishka.
Good heavens, dear man!
Aren't you afraid of God's anger?
Why are you taking it from
the orphans?
Give us a hand, Cossacks.
Why do you wrong the orphans?
Give back the collar.
Give it back, for God's sake.
Leave the God alone.
l guess your man was a Commissar,
wasn't he?
Since all God's things are everyone's,
don't grudge it and shut up.
Goodbye, woman, don't be angry.
You'll get yourself a new collar.
You wait,
you'll pay for our tears!
No! Right and might
are on our side.
You're in a historic room,
ladies and gentlemen,
from the walls of which
the heroes of another people's war,
the war of 1812,
are looking at us.
There was a time
when Paris welcomed
its liberators,
the Don Cossacks.
104 years ago, our ataman, Count
Platov, was a guest in London.
Today we're expecting the Allies'
troops in Moscow!
We wait for you, in order to
enter the Kremlin together,
to the sounds of ceremonial marches
and our anthem,
and together experience the joy
of peace and freedom!
For the great, one and indivisible
Russia! Hurray!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Our anthem!
At the enemies of the revolution,
Cossacks, what are you doing?
Where are you going, brothers?
For the Soviet power, forward!
Arise ye workers from your slumbers,
Arise ye prisoners of want!
For reason in revolt now thunders...
Come back without your epaulets?
Go greet your brother.
He came yesterday too.
Make happy your mother.
Your wife and kids have been
pining over you.
A sad pass the world's come to...
Grigory Panteleyevich, why are you
loafing around like a log?
Get down from there!
We're done for, Father!
My dear son.
My poor boy...
Would you like some buttermilk?
What do you intend to do?
So it's retreat?
What else?
They show no mercy to officers.
You may stay, but l...
l'm clearing out.
And what about our home?
So you'll go off,
and we're to stay here?
And guard your property?
Must we lose our life because of it?
Let it go hang!
l'm not staying.
lf the whole village leaves,
we won't stay behind.
We'll go on foot.
Fools! Bitches!
Hush up!
Don't poke your nose
in men's affairs!
All right, let's abandon
everything and leave.
Will we carry the livestock
in our pockets? And the house?
We can drive the stock with us.
Sure we can!
How far do you think
our old cow can go?
You homeless one!
You louse!
And the sheep? The lambs?
l gave my life to acquire all that,
and what do l hear?
All right, thank God, we've
discussed it.
lt's nothing to laugh about.
A man from Big Gromk
said the Reds are already

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