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Everything can go to hell.
lt's easy for you to talk.
Nothing holds you here.
And l have a wife and two kids.
You just talk and talk.
You've got nothing but your coat.
Shut up your mouth!
Don't play the officer with me.
Stop yelling! l don't give a damn
for you!
Shut up, vermin!
You dirty louse!
Get out, stinking bastard!
Stop it, Grigory! Time you dropped
your old Cossack ways.
Aren't you ashamed, Melekhov?
Shame on you!
You were in the Red Guards! We stood
guys like you up against the wall!
Go away! Or l'll pull your legs out!
Have you gone off your rocker?
lt serves him right for putting on
There you have it!
No, l'm hopping on a boat.
Crossing the river
and away!
What about you?
We're not going anywhere.
Goodbye, then. We've come
to the parting of our ways.
Oh, Misha, Misha...
You're too young and hot-tempered.
You think we won't meet again?
We will, mark my word.
So long.
Ponomaryov Village
April 28, 1918
Get down!
- Where're you from, Cossacks?
- From the village of Tatarsky.
You're a tad too late. We've caught
Podtyolkov without you.
- Where're they?
- There they are.
- Where are they taking them?
- To the other world.
Stop lying.
What do you think? The gallows
are ready for them over there.
lf we'd left Rostov
three days earlier,
we wouldn't be going to our death
We'd have smashed all
the counter-revolutionary bands.
To hell with them! Let them kill us!
We're not afraid to die.

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