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And what did you think?
That we just expose our heads
to the contra's bullets?
Mama, they're coming!
They're coming, mama!
How you doing?
- Are you all right?
- l was wounded near Glubokaya.
Whatever did you stay there for?
You'd better have come home.
How pretty you've grown to be,
And l thought you'd grow
looking plain.
What a devil you're, brother!
Look at your son!
Let me have a look at my son.
And your daughter, Grisha!
Come on, hold them!
Don't you recognize your father,
forest nuts?
Natasha, take them,
or l won't make it up the stairs.
You reek of tobacco!
- Darya, lay the table.
- He's got his own wife to do it.
At Shrovetide we'll eat
pancakes with cream.
- Well, did you recognize your dad?
- l did.
- This is for you, mother.
- Oh, my goodness...
- Look, it's sweeping the floor.
- Never mind.
Look at that old hag showing off
before the mirror.
For you, Father.
Jesus Christ! l was just thinking
of a new cap.
There were none at the store, and my
old one's good only for a scarecrow.
What are you doing, old geezer?
Oh God, how stupid you are!
The samovar isn't a mirror.
Look at this Cossack
of the Cossack Life-Guards!
Who won the first prize
at the Emperor's review of troops.
The saddle and the entire ammunition!
That's me!
For you, Natasha.
- And for whom is this?
- For me.
- You're just like a colonel.
- So many crosses!
Put it on, Grisha.
Come on, indulge your father.
You've got them not for nothing.
Ugh! You look so puffed up!
First have sons like these,
you chatterbox.
At least both my sons have made
their way in the world.
Well, enough of this.
Do you have pickled watermelon?
Of course! Natasha, come on.
While guests are not here, tell
Pyotr what's happening in the world.
Father, why do you drink water
from a small glass?
People are fighting.
Where are the Bolsheviks now?
Advancing from Taganrog,
Tikhoretskaya, Voronezh.
And what side... are you on?
l'm for the Soviet power.
You tell him, Pyotr.
He's too hot,
like an unbroken horse.
You'll never ram it into him,
You have nothing to ram into me,
l'm not blind.
What are those who came from
the front saying?
What can they say?
We played Bolsheviks at the front.
lt's time to come to our senses.
We don't want others' goods,
don't touch ours.
Think about it, Grisha.
You're a smart guy.
A Cossack will always be a Cossack.
We don't want that lousy Russia
rule on the Don.
You know what the outsiders
have got into their heads?
To divide all the land equally.
What does it mean?
The outsiders
who've been living here a long time
will be given land.
The hell they will!
No frigging way!
- Hello, soldier!
- Hello!
You scared the calf, loudmouth!
That's all we need...
Come on, Panteley Prokofievich,
you owe us a treat.
- Good appetite.
- Sit with us.
Where's Mikhail Koshevoy?
Here, in the village.
What are you doing here, Valet?
Want some fish?
What do l need it for?
There's trouble.
Drop your fishing. You'll forget
everything because of your fishing.
What's the news?
The Red Guards were crushed
at Migulinskaya.
The squabble is on...
the stuffing gets knocked out.
Why at Migulinskaya?
They were passing through,
and the Cossacks gave them a beating.
Took a whole mob of prisoners
to Kargin.
The court martial is piling up
The White Guards are starting
a mobilization.
- What do we do?
- We'd better clear out.
- Where to?
- Where to!
How do l know? You'll find a way out
when it gets hot.
Go to lvan Alexeyev.
l'll come along later.
We've got to leave now!
We have to take off today!
Give me a reason, why should we leave?
We won't escape mobilization
if we don't.
- l won't go.
- They'll make you.
l'm not a bull on a rein.
Valet is right, they will.
Only where should we go?
There he goes again, where to!
You think it's a joke?
That's what the time is like.

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