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Good afternoon.
What regiments
do you represent?
Well... What are you
actually demanding?
We demand
that you relegate power to
the War Revolutionary Committee.
How simple it is, isn't it?
An ultimatum.
You probably know
that on February 4 a Cossack
Assembly is to be convened.
New members of the government
will be elected.
Do you agree to
mutual control?
lf you're in the minority,
we'll dictate you our will.
But that's coercion!
lf we're not satisfied with
the Cossack Assembly
we won't recognize it.
- And who's going to be the judge?
- The people.
The people!
Why should we listen to them? We're
not going along with Bolsheviks.
Only those who betrayed the Don
and the Cossacks can talk about
giving power to the Soviets and call
on the Cossacks to follow Bolsheviks.
Do you really believe, Podtyolkov,
that the Don will follow you,
an illiterate Cossack?
lf anyone follows you, that'll be a
gang of frenzied, homeless Cossacks.
But they'll wake up, man,
and hang you!
Bravo, Shein!
The Don government will consider the
Revolutionary Committee's proposal
and give its answer in writing
by 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Next morning at the village of
Cossacks, my dears!
Come on, heroes!
Come on, smart guys,
let's disturb the Bolsheviks!
Melekhov, line up your hundred
and lead them to Yerokhin Gully.
All right!
Company! Move!
Listen to my command!
Company! Follow me, forward march!
- Are you commander of that unit?
- Yes.
Try to go around along that gully,
and l'll keep them with fire
in this sector.
All right, we can go along the gully.
We'll try.
What fighting can you do with such
soldiers! Why didn't you take kids?
l can't forgive myself for not
having left you in Rostov.
Bunchuk, you're talking
like a proprietor.
Company, follow me!
How is it?
What? You got wounded?
Come on, lie down.
Anya, where?
- Right under the heart.
- What do you mean, under the heart?
Anya... Anya...
What are you staring at, Anya?
Anya... Oh God...
Anya... What is it?
llya, darling...
You see how simple it is...
First it hits you...
You feel a jolt...
And now it's burning.
Pour water on my chest!
Water! Someone, bring water!
For our faith! For Russia!
Follow me, brothers!
Company, attack! Follow me!
Anya, don't leave me!
Don't leave me, Anya!
Don't leave me, Anya!!!
Listen here!
Listen here!
The leader come here,
the rest go straight ahead!
For the safety of the prisoners
you'll be answerable in all severity
of the revolutionary war time!
You must deliver them to HQ
safe and sound!
Give this to Podtyolkov.
Melekhov! Good boy!
- Are you wounded?
- ln my leg.
- Did it touch the bone?
- l guess not.
Wiped out!
We wiped them out!
We fluffed up the officers'
detachment to pieces.
Are you going to Headquarters?
Tell Podtyolkov that l'm accepting
responsibility for Chernetsov.
Just tell him this. Go.
Podtyolkov, they're bringing the
prisoners. You read Golubov's note?
l don't give a damn for Golubov!
So what if he wants it?
Taking responsibility for Chernetsov,
that counter-revolutionary bandit?
l won't let him!
He is to be tried by a revolutionary
court and punished right away!
Golubov is taking responsibility.
Why are you sticking out? Stay
in the cart. Responsibility...
You know how much blood he's let out?
A whole sea of blood.
How many miners he's exterminated?
No, l won't let him!
Stop shouting!
There's one too many judges here!
You'd better go over there! There're
too many of you judging the prisoners.
l was there! l wasn't saving my
skin on a machinegun cart.
Who do you think you're
talking to, Melekhov?
Give up your officer's ways!
lt's the Revolutionary Committee that
judges, and not some...
Put him on the cart.
Well, hero...
We've got you, bastard!
You betrayed the Cossacks!
Traitor! Scoundrel!
Run for your life, gentlemen!
O Lord, forgive me the sinner.
What on earth is going on?


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