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workers and soldiers.
You are being led into
a fratricidal war.
To crush the revolution!
lf you want to go
against the people,
if you want to restore
the monarchy...
- lt's philosophy!
- Provocateur!
lf you want to restore
the monarchy, than go!
But the Petrograd workers and
trust that you
won't be Cains.
They send you
fraternal greetings!
Cossacks, last year
Cornet Bunchuk
deserted from the front,
you all know that!
Are we to listen to
this coward and traitor?
Arrest the swine!
Take away the gun! Let him speak
and explain his position!
Speak up, Bunchuk!
We bow down to you,
and please tell the Petrograd...
Wait! Look at them.
Follow me, quick!
Kalmykov, you are under arrest!
Hands up!
Disarm them!
- Put those under guard.
- Right.
We'll take Kalmykov to
the Revolutionary Committee.
What's the matter with you?
Hands up.
Captain Kalmykov,
go ahead.
Follow me.
- Go on...
- Scoundrel!
You'll pay for this!
You're not a party,
just a gang of scum!
You're directed by
the German General Staff!
Bolsheviks! Scum! The Bolsheviks
have sold the country.
l would have you all hanged on one...
Our time will come!
Your Lenin has sold Russia
for thirty German marks.
He grabbed a million and
ran away... the convict!
- Stand up!
- Don't you dare!
You want to kill me?
Shoot, son of a bitch!
See how a Russian officer faces
death! Even before dying...
Mitrich... why did you kill him?
Why, Mitrich?
What do you think!
He would have shot us
without batting an eye.
lt's either us or them!
There's no middle course.
Follow me! Forward!
ln the autumn of 191 7,
Cossacks were coming back
from the war
to the villages of the Don Region.
Where are you from, soldiers?
Have you done with the war?
- We've got it enough, fathers.
- Go and try it yourself.
Go on to your women!
We've lost all hope of seeing you
And where's Grishka Melekhov?
He joined the Bolsheviks.
He stayed in Kamenskaya.
Joined the Bolsheviks...
Our fraternal greetings
to the working Cossacks!
- Stop pushing!
- Make way, or l'll blot you out.
The workers and the Cossacks were
shedding blood together!
We must be together in the war
against Kaledin, too!
We'll go hand in hand
to fight those
who have been enslaving
the working men for centuries!
Who had introduced capital punishment
for soldiers at the front?
Who's strangling us, together with
Kaledin? He is!
So who are you going to stick with,
Let's knock down those hydras
and drive them to the sea!
Right! Let's give it to them hot!
We must make our own rule!
And all the volunteers and other
partisans must go away from the Don!
The Bolsheviks have
no business here.
We can deal with the enemies of
the working people by ourselves.
We don't need anybody's help!
- And who is this one?
- Krivoshlykov from Gorbatov Village.
- And next to him?
- That's Podtyolkov himself.
Oh, Golubov's here too.
Brothers Cossacks!
Shut up, you! You're not at a market-
place! Let Podtyolkov speak!
Brothers Cossacks!
While we're discussing it here,
the enemies of the working people
are on their guard.
We all want the wolves be sated
and the sheep intact.
But Kaledin doesn't think so.
We've intercepted his order about the
arrest of our congress participants.
Down with Kaledin!
l propose to proclaim our congress
the supreme power on the Don!
l propose... to elect
from the delegates of our congress
a Cossack War Revolutionary
And to delegate it with carrying on
struggle with Kaledin and organizing...
Gentlemen! Gentlemen!
There they are, the traitors!
They should be hanged!
l protest, Cornet!
Shut up! Line up three in a row!
Forward march!
All to be hanged! All of them!
All traitors!
How can you let that outrage happen?
You should thank God you're still
alive. l would've killed you, lout...
Stay seated. We won't stand up.

- Franz+
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