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Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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your destiny.
-Fuck my destiny.
You cannot self-terminate.
No, you can't.
I can do whatever I want.
I'm a human being.
I'm not some goddamn robot.
-Cybernetic organism.
Either we get her father
to shut Skynet down...
...stop this shit from ever happening,
or so much for the great John Connor.
Because your future, my destiny,
I don't want any part of it. I never did.
Based on your pupil dilation,
skin temperature and motor functions...
...I calculate an 83% probability
that you will not pull the trigger.
Please do what he says.
You have to save my father!
We can reach CRS
in approximately one hour...
...depending on traffic conditions.
I can't get a line.
The whole cell network is down.
Skynet is assuming control
over global communications...
...in preparation for its attack.
So if this war is between people
and machines...
...why are you on our side?
The Resistance captured me
and reprogrammed my CPU.
I was originally designed
for assassination missions.
...you don't really care
if this mission succeeds or not.
If we get killed,
does that mean anything to you?
If you were to die,
I will become useless.
There will be no reason for me to exist.
Thank you for doing this.
Your gratitude is not required.
I am programmed
to follow your commands.
Her commands?
Katherine Brewster had me reactivated and
sent through the time displacement field.
What exactly am I in this
future of yours?
You're John Connor's spouse
and second-in-command.
No, l--
You're a mess.
Hey, you're not exactly my type, either.
Why didn't I send you back?
I am not authorized
to answer your question.
-Why didn't he send you back?
-He was dead.
Well, that sucks.
-Humans inevitably die.
-Yeah, I know.
So how does it--? No.
Maybe I don't want to know.
How does he die?
John Connor was terminated
on July 4th, 2032.
I was selected for the emotional attachment
he had for my model number...
...due to his boyhood experiences.
This aided in my infiltration.
What are you saying?
I killed you.
This has to be a mistake. As of 1 1 00 hours,
all primary military systems were secure.
They were. Only the civilian sector
was affected. Internet, air traffic.
Minutes ago, guidance computers
at Vandenberg crashed.
We thought it was an error.
It looks like the virus.
-Early warning in Alaska is down.
-Satellite signals are scrambled.
What about the missile silos, the subs?
We've lost contact.
You're saying this country
is completely open to attack.
Theoretically, we could be
under attack already.
Who's doing this? A foreign power
or some computer hacker in his garage?
We can't trace the virus
or pin it down.
It keeps growing and changing,
like it has a mind of its own.
This can't be happening.
The Pentagon's on the secure line.
It's the chairman.
All right.
...none of this is gonna happen.
We get to your dad, get him to pull the plug
on Skynet. The bombs won't fall.
He won't have to kill me someday.
He'll never even exist.
You and l, we can
just go our separate ways.
You know, Mike Kripke's basement...
That was the first time
I ever kissed a guy.
Your levity is good.
It relieves tension and the fear of death.
We're hoping you have a solution for us.
I know, sir, but Skynet is not ready
for a system-wide connection.
That's not what your civilian
counterparts there told me.
They say we can stop this damn virus.
I understand there's a certain amount
of performance anxiety...
...but your boys say if we plug Skynet
into all of our systems...
...it'll squash this thing and give me back
control of my military.
Mr. Chairman, I need
to make myself very clear.
If we uplink now, Skynet will be
in control of your military.
But you'll be in control of Skynet, right?
That is correct, sir.
Then do it.
And Brewster, if this thing works...
...you'll get all the funding
you'll ever need.
Yes, sir.
Shall l?
Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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