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Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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and hardened to withstand attack.
-You'll find a way to destroy her.
l'm an obsolete design.
T-X is faster, more powerful
and more intelligent.
lt's a far more effective
killing machine.
Oh, great.
That's great.
My presence in this timeline
has been anticipated.
T-X is designed to terminate
other cybernetic organisms.
So she's an anti-Terminator
You've gotta be shitting me.
No, l am not shitting you.
When ruptured,
the fuel cells become unstable.
-Let me out of here!
Man, this is wack.
lt's been like this for hours.
Every goddamn station.
Hey! Are you gonna pay for that?
Talk to the hand.
Help! Help me!
l think we better go.
You're kidnapping me.
-God, you were always a delinquent.
And look at you now, sitting there
like the bad-boy thing still works.
What are you,
some kind of gang member?
How do you live with yourself?
Tell her who l am.
John Connor is leader
of the Worldwide Resistance...
...and last hope of humankind.
Right. And him?
He's a robot from the future.
Living tissue over a metal skeleton,
sent back in time to protect me.
Go to hell.
He doesn't mean you any harm.
l have a fiancй.
He's gonna be looking for me.
What is it that you want?
...if you knew you were gonna do
something important with your life.
Something amazing.
Maybe the most important thing
anyone has ever done.
But there's a catch.
Something terrible has to happen.
You couldn't...
...live with yourself if you didn't try
to stop it, but....
What are you talking about?
lt's just-- The life you know...
...all the stuff that
you take for granted...
...it's not gonna last.
Mike Kripke.
Back there, why did you say
'' Kripke's basement''?
Because Mike Kripke's house...
...that's where the kids used
to go make out, right?
So you and me--
Wait, did we...?
Holy shit, we did.
We made out in Kripke's basement.
l cannot believe you remembered that.
l must have made
some kind of impression.
Give me a break.
l only remembered because
the next day you were in the news.
Wait a second. You and me hooked up
the day before l first met him.
And now again, 10 years later.
We were supposed to meet.
Hon? Did you just get in?
Hi, l'm Detective Edwards, L.A.P.D.
This is Detective Bell.
We're looking for Katherine Brewster.
ls she here?
-You're her fiancй, Scott Mason?
There was an incident at the
veterinary hospital where she works.
We're concerned something
may have happened to her.
Where is she?
We got a report from a gas station
attendant near Victorville...
...about a possible kidnapping
and it might be related.
l'll help you find her.
Come with me.
Your mother?
l never even knew
where she was buried.
l hit the road the day she died.
Why did you bring me here?
No! What are you doing?
Hey, stop!
Get away from it! Stop!
Sarah Connor was cremated
in Mexico.
Her friends scattered her ashes
in the sea.
They stored these weapons
in accordance with her will.
What happened to her?
l'm sorry.
We were living in Baja
when she was diagnosed.
They only gave her six months.
But she fought for three years.
Long enough to make sure.
To make sure?
That the world didn't end.
'' Every day after this one is a gift.''
She told me, ''We made it. We're free.''
But l never really believed that.
l guess she didn't either.
You know you were about the closest
thing to a father l ever had?
How pathetic is that?
Out of my way!
My mission is to protect you.
That's enough.
Move or l'll do it!
l swear l will! l'll shoot you!
Go ahead. See what happens.
Don't do that.
Oh, my God.
This is the police.
We have the building surrounded.
Release your hostage!
Just leave me here. l'm not the one
you want. You're wasting your time.
lncorrect. John Connor
leads the Resistance to victory.
Why? Why me?
You are
Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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