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Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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Can't do that.
How much did you take?
...this is the stuff we use
to chemically neuter dogs.
Take a look.
Jesus! You didn't have to do that!
Next time bring a clue,
not a paintball gun.
-No, this isn't what you think.
-Yeah, right.
l think Hercules has got pneumonia.
He started coughing and won't stop.
-Betsy, l've got a problem in the back.
-A problem? This is an emergency!
-lt sounds like a hairball.
-l know what a hairball sounds like.
-Where's Dr. Monroe?
-lt's 5:30 in the morning.
l'm sure he's home sleeping.
He'll come in if he has to.
Just wait in here with Hercules
and l'll be a few minutes, all right?
Mike Kripke's basement.
What? What does that mean?
You're John Connor.
l'm Kate Brewster.
We went to
West Hills Junior High together.
-What happened to you, John?
Middle of eighth grade,
you just disappeared.
And there was that thing
about your foster parents.
Yeah, they were murdered.
l didn't do it.
What the hell?
ls somebody with you?
Katherine Brewster?
John Connor was here.
Where did he go?
Tell me. Where did he go?
Katherine Brewster?
What are you doing? Let me down!
Let me down! Let me down!
Where is John Connor?
lf l tell you, will you let me go?
...in the kennel, in a cage.
You said that you'd let me go.
l lied.
Please, please, please.
You have to let me go!
John Connor.
lt is time.
You here to kill me?
No. You must live.
Why are you here?
-Where are we going?
-Keep moving.
Get out of here.
-No pulse.
-See if you can get him down.
l can't.
This guy weighs a ton.
-Yes. Yes. l'm being kidnapped.
-Where are you now?
-l don't know where. l'm in my truck.
lt's a Toyota Tundra.
lt says '' Emery Animal Hospital'' on
the side. l'm locked inside the back.
Shit! Shit!
Get off.
Let me out!
What are you doing here?
You tell me. You got me into this.
-Stop the car.
-l can't. Not yet.
-You bastard! Stop the car!
-Shut up!
Son of a bitch.
Goddamn it.
Look what you did to my car.
This is my company car, asshole.
Get your ass out here.
Get your ass out of the car. Now!
What are you doing?
lf you don't have insurance,
l'm gonna rip your balls off.
-l don't want any problems, okay?
-Shut up!
Who's talking back there?
What's going on?
-Calm down.
-Shut up!
-l'm being kidnapped! Call the police!
-Well, l'll be goddamned.
-Call 911!
-A cop when you need one.
Help, please! Please!
Let me out of here! Help!
Get back here, asshole!
That's the cops!
You have to pull over!
Yeah, first chance l get.
Hold on!
Stop it!
l'll drive.
Get out.
Excuse me.
Move over.
No sign of brain trauma.
Yeah, l'm fine, thanks.
Do you even remember me?
Sarah Connor?
Blowing up Cyberdyne?
''Hasta la vista, baby.''
Ring any bells?
That was a different T-101.
What, do you come off
an assembly line or something?
Oh, man. l'm gonna have
to teach you everything all over again.
Katherine Brewster,
have you sustained injury?
Drop dead, you asshole!
l'm unable to comply.
Where are you taking me?
To a safe location.
All right, get off at the next exit.
Let her out.
Katherine Brewster must be protected.
-l thought they were after me.
-You could not be located.
So a T-X was sent back through time
to eliminate your lieutenants.
So she's gonna be in the Resistance?
No, no.
No, you shouldn't even exist.
l mean, we took out Cyberdyne
over 10 years ago.
-We stopped Judgment Day.
-You only postponed it.
Judgment Day is inevitable.
l require a cutting tool.
Here, take the wheel.
-What are you doing?
-l am powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
My primary cell was damaged
by a plasma attack.
T-X is designed for extreme combat,
driven by a plasma reactor...
...and equipped
with onboard weapons.
lts arsenal includes...
...nanotechnological transjectors.
-lt can control other machines.
lts body chassis is heavily
Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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