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Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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And I never will.
The battle has just begun.The future has not been written.
There is no fate but what
we make for ourselves.
I wish I could believe that.
My name is John Connor.
They tried to murder me
before I was born.
When I was 13, they tried again.
Machines from the future.
All my life, my mother told me
the storm was coming.
-Judgment Day.
The beginning of a war
between man and machines.
Three billion lives
would vanish in an instant.
And I would lead what was left
of the human race to ultimate victory.
It hasn't happened.
No bombs fell.
Computers didn't take control.
We stopped Judgment Day.
I should feel safe...
...but I don't.
So I live off the grid.
No phone, no address.
No one and nothing can find me.
I've erased all connections
to the past.
But as hard as I try...
...I can't erase my dreams...
...my nightmares.
I feel the weight of the future
bearing down on me.
A future I don't want.
So I keep running...
...as fast as I can.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Do you want me to call 911?
l like this car.
What are you--?
You, in the silver Lexus. Slow down.
Slow down and pull over immediately.
Lady, have you any idea
how fast you were going?
Let me see your license
and registration.
l like your gun.
This stupid thing's not working.
What's wrong with this thing?
l hate machines.
-Kate, it's your father.
You're blowing me off again.
l'm so sorry. You know how much
l wanted to see you this weekend.
-We're having computer problems--
-l know, you can't talk about it.
lt's just...
...Scott was really looking forward
to this.
Katie. I wish I had more time
to get to know him. I really do.
That's okay. You're bound
to run into him at the wedding.
Please. l'm still
in a state of denial about that.
-You're not the only one.
-Hey, kiddo.
You don't need me
to pass judgment on this guy.
You've done the right thing
your whole life.
You won't make a mistake.
You never do.
I'm the luckiest father
in the world, you know?
l've never had to be afraid
for my daughter.
Listen, I hate this. I gotta run. Come
see me. I promise I won't cancel.
We will.
-Bye, Dad, I love you.
-Love you too.
-Okay, what have we got?
-This new computer virus is tricky.
lt's infected half the civilian lnternet
as well as secondary military apps.
-Payroll, inventory.
-Primary defence nets are still clean?
So far the firewalls are holding up.
Sir, the Pentagon has proposed we
use our Al to scan the infrastructure.
Search and destroy
for any hint of the virus.
l know, Tony, but that's like
going after a fly with a bazooka.
Once the connection's made,
it should only be a few minutes.
During which we put everything under
the control of one computer system.
The most intelligent system
ever conceived.
l still prefer to keep humans
in the loop.
l'm not sure Skynet's ready.
Yes, sir.
You're supposed to go around
to the back.
Hey, l said you're supposed to go--
-Take off your clothes.
-Patience, honey.
Bitch. Wait your turn.
-Your clothes.
-Talk to the hand.
Welcome to Jim's Burgers.
Can I take your order?
-Jose Barrera?
-Yeah, that's me.
Growing concern over widespread
outages in the global digital network...
...have prompted rumours
of a new computer super-virus.
-Wall Street analysts are confident....
-Shit! My mom's home.
Here. Hide the beer. Hide the beer.
Here. Take that.
Go, go, go.
Elizabeth and William Anderson?
l'm Bill. My sister's upstairs.
ls there something wrong?
What's going on?
l have to go to the clinic.
lt's an emergency.
lt's 4:30 in the morning.
Well, l'll be back before you get up.
Cool it, guys, it's just me.
We've got a sick cat coming in.
Please, don't do that.
l suppose it was you who
ripped us off last week.
Put the phone down.
l just....
l needed some medicine.
There's an emergency clinic
half a mile away.
Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин Терминатор 3: Восстание Машин

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