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I wouldn't find them, huh?
That's all I would've needed,
you getting busted for horse theft.
- I want to see my horse.
- Yeah, you go say hi to Rusty.
Me and your brother are gonna talk the
universal language to the gentleman here.
Hey, Rowdy.
They got you jumping barrels
and everything out here.
I'm gonna take you home.
- Hi. Who are you?
- Well, this used to be my horse.
You're not the boy we bought him from.
Yeah, I know. That was my brother.
See, it was an accident.
He wasn't supposed to sell it,
but he didn't know.
Well, we knew we were buying him.
My dad paid for him fair and square.
I know.
So he's my horse now.
- Did you used to ride him western?
- Yeah.
I ride him jumping.
He really seems to like it.
I used to jump him.
We used to go out in the fields though.
We used to jump big logs.
I showed him at a show
a couple of weeks ago.
- Yeah? How'd he do?
- He took a third.
I had a pony before, but he died.
He's really been a good horse,
once we got a little weight off him
and we got his coat in shape.
He's real smart for his age.
Never did much show riding with him.
I didn't think I'd want another horse
until I got him.
- Right, Gentleman?
- Gentleman?
He likes you.
Yeah, I know.
I guess you heard too.
They don't want to sell him.
Save your damn breath.
Where's Pop? Let's get outta here.
Still saying goodbye.
Turns out the guy's a real rodeo fan.
I'm gonna get you for this. I hate you.
- Let's go, boys.
- I'm gonna get you back for this.
I haven't been this mad at anyone
in my whole life.
- Yeah, well, you're young yet.
- Shut up.
- You get him out of there!
- We got him.
I gotta see how he is.
Bixby Spartans!
Bixby Spartans!
You OK, boy?
It's a miracle you stayed in there
as long as you did.
Those guys wanted to hang your head
in the hunting lodge.
Try bending it now. Slow.
- They gonna bench that damn clown?
- Yeah. And you too, I guess.
- It's not too serious.
- Can I go back in?
No way, Mason. I'm sorry, you won't be
playing again for a couple of weeks.
It doesn't matter.
Indiana never sent that application.
Yep. Deadline's next week.
I'm sorry, Mace.
You deserved it if anyone did.
Yeah, well, I guess a full grant was
a pretty steep order for a Bixby farm boy.
Hey, Tex, wanna trade clothes
and shoot a few baskets?
Sure, Mace.
Take it easy now. You're no good
to anybody with a messed-up right arm.
Is this your boy?
Don't know yet.
Don't know how much he's gonna cost me.
I didn't know a quarter horse like
you'd come up with such a lanky racer.
His momma was a thoroughbred.
That's it. Just keep it in.
Hold it right like that.
Tighten up here.
What time are you meeting
Johnny and Bob?
In an hour at the carwash.
We got time for a Coke or something.
They sell Cokes round here?
Well, you had a Coke at the game,
and I ain't thirsty.
What are you if you aren't thirsty?
I don't know. It feels kinda weird.
Hey, Jamie...
I think I love you.
I think me too.
- What's the matter?
- I'm not ready for that. I mean it.
What did you let me get started for, then?
How was I supposed to know
you were gonna be in such a hurry?
- I was curious.
- Curious? I'm burning up over here.
You're curious.
Tex, right now I think you're the only
boy I'll ever feel this way about.
But how am I supposed to know?
This last year has been so crazy.
One minute I hate everybody and if they
don't like me, they can just go jump.
The next minute, I love everybody and
I'm scared maybe they don't love me back.
Maybe Cole's right. Maybe I am too young
to get messed around.
But I tell you, I'm confused enough these
days without throwing sex in the deal.
I wasn't thinking of this as just sex.
How about when we get older?
Maybe we could get married or something.
- I can see me marrying you.
- You could?
It would last about a year.
Guess old Mason was right.
- What?
- It's like

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