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Nobody saw you.
Roll up that window.
I could've been in East Texas by now,
except I had some business to take care of.
I thought I did, anyhow.
Guy keeps telling you
you're just like a brother to him.
Finds out you sell enough speed
to make lunch money,
and he drops it down on you
for five years' worth, no time off.
Somebody screws you like that,
you screw 'em right back.
Right, cowboy?
Came time to do it and somehow it just
didn't seem like it was worth the effort.
He's lying there, going,
"Go on, finish it off."
Let him walk around with a hole in him.
He can whistle through it, all I care.
One more mile an hour
and Stretch here gets dead.
Throw down your weapon.
Tex, duck!
- The guy had a gun on my brother.
- You guys all right?
Been an APB out on that guy.
Someone saw you drive through Bixby
with him and called it in.
He just escaped from McAllister now.
I tell you what, that punk would have
killed you all if he'd had the chance.
You're either real brave,
real stupid or real lucky.
I've been hearing that all my life.
- Is he dead?
- Yeah, he's dead.
- Hey, man, are you OK?
- Oh, yeah, I never felt better.
... shootout. leaving Mark Jennings.
the escapee. dead from police gunfire.
The drug dealer killed a trustee during
his escape and wounded another man.
before kidnapping twwo local teenagers.
Tex and Mason McCormick.
demanding to be driven to the state line.
Police caught up with them when Tex
McCormick drove his truck into a ditch.
... he was shot. fleeing the truck...
If it's The Clarion.
tell 'em to forget it.
Hello? Hey, Johnny, pretty slick, huh?
No, no, no, I'm on now.
Get off the phone and watch.
See you later.
Hey, that's us.
Take it easy,
you don't have your own show yet.
So why did you pull off
the side of the road here?
He had this gun on my brother. I thought
he was gonna shoot him or something.
- Were you scared?
- Yeah. I was scared! I was...
I was really scared. Were you scared?
No. I wasn't scared.
What a stupid question!
Will you ever pick up a hitchhiker again?
I don't know. I don't think they're
all bad. you know. I hitchhike sometimes.
You look pretty cool.
I sound funny, though.
Tex. one final question.
Where'd you get those dimples?
Well. God gave me my face
but he let me pick my nose.
I can't believe you said that.
And one bright note. Mace McCormick.
the Bixby High School basketball star.
no injuries for Mace. he'll be able
to suit up for the game against Eastmont.
- I bet you liked that, huh?
- What's the difference?
Hey! Hey, Pop!
It's Pop. He saw us on TV.
Hey, Mace, I think it's him.
It's not him. If he left at six o'clock
in the morning, he wouldn't even be here.
Hey, Pop! You look great.
Boy, have you grown!
Either that or I've shrunk.
- So how's the rodeo season?
- Aw, heck, I'm too old for rodeo.
- So what you been doing?
- Oh, just... messing around.
Howdy, Mace. Nice to see
you're mad at me as usual.
Now, why don't we just have the explosion
now and clear the air?
All right, I've been known to explode.
Like when we hadn't heard from you
and all the money was gone,
and the gas got shut off
and I had to sell the horses.
- Sold your horse?
- Yeah, I sold my horse, and Tex's, too.
Oh, Mace, I'm sorry.
I would have thought about the money
but I didn't figure on being gone so long.
I'd like to know
how long you're planning on staying.
- You're not giving him any reason to stay.
- You just shut up.
Well, I reckon there ain't much I can say.
I quit the rodeo.
All I can say is I'll be staying.
And all you can do
is give me a chance to prove it.
I'll tell you what. Let's start off
by getting those horses back.
All right!
Well, I don't want mine back,
but you can get Rowdy back for Tex.
That's a promise, son. Come on.
You made

- 1984

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