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- It's OK, it's just Tex and Mace.
- Oh, great!
Hey, fellas, how you doing? I didn't
think you guys would ever come visit me.
- How you doing?
- Just great, man.
What do you think?
Yeah! These are Daddy's old friends, yeah.
This is Tex and this is Mason. They came
all the way from Bixby just to see you.
Yeah, how about that?
Yeah, they did.
Hey, Tex, you wanna hold him?
- Well, I never held one before.
- Go ahead, he won't bite. Here.
- Be careful.
- Hey, Lukie! Hey!
It's kinda like holding a puppy.
Ain't much heavier than a basketball,
is he?
- He's almost as round.
- Don't dribble him though, OK?
He's the one doing all the dribbling.
It's all right, sweetie.
Is he house-broken yet?
Must be fun training him, huh?
Tex, he's not a horse, OK?
Oh, yeah, by the way, guys,
I wanna show you something else.
- We'll be right back, honey.
- See you later, Luke.
- See you, Connie.
- Say bye, Lukie.
Say bye. Say bye.
Yeah, it's all right.
Da da da-da da-daaa!
When'd you get it, man?
Couple of weeks ago.
What do you think, man?
Gas jockeys must be getting better wages
these days.
Good enough, man.
I had an eight-track in there.
Got ripped off the day I got it, though.
Yeah? Where?
Over at ORU stadium.
Should have known better.
Lem, how much you been dealing?
I'm not dealing, man.
I'm just helping some friends get hold
of a little grass and speed. No big deal.
- Yeah, right.
- Don't get high and mighty with me.
I'm just a go-between. It's not like
I'm out selling it on Peoria Avenue.
And I reckon you don't use it much, either.
Oh, yeah. I'm real hooked, you know.
Next thing you know,
I'll be stealing car stereos.
Come on, man. Hey, I've seen you
about as high as anybody else.
How about Joe Ray's party.
You remember that, man?
Look, when my kid gets older,
I'll cool it.
Oh. Uh-huh.
Yeah, well, maybe
it's a little bit easier on you, buddy.
You ain't got a wife and kid to feed.
You don't have people depending on you.
- Come on, let's go for a ride.
- What do you think he is, a baboon?
Who? Me?
It ain't a big deal, Mason.
- Come on, let's go get some pizza.
- No, we'd better get going back.
- You wanna drive?
- Yeah. All right!
Come on, let's say goodbye to Connie.
When you're, like, making out with a girl,
how do you know
when it's OK to go any further?
How much further you been going?
I didn't do it going anywhere yet.
But I'm just thinking, just in case.
Uh-huh. Well, don't worry about it. You
keep going, she'll tell you when to stop.
You planning on being the school stud
or something?
You've been going all the way, right?
No, I never done that.
- Don't tell anyone.
- But I thought you and Bobby...
Bobby hasn't gone any further than I have.
Everybody talks.
If you believe everything you hear
in a locker room, you'll never wise up.
Probably had a lot of chances, though.
Yeah, I've had plenty of chances
to end up like Lem.
If you're thinking about Jamie,
you might as well forget it.
Why? Just 'cause they got money
and we don't? What's the difference?
You know, money isn't everything.
It ain't the money.
Because you're Tex and she's Jamie.
Thanks a whole goddamn lot.
You wanna pick up this kid?
We're headed for Bixby.
Step in the right direction, anyway.
- How about yourself?
- Going to the state line.
Had all the 3.2% beer you can take, huh?
Yeah, that's right.
I want me some full-proof Budweiser,
so how about we just keep going
to that state line?
Let's all take it easy, huh?
Isn't this kind of extreme?
Sooner or later, somebody
would've been going to the state line.
When you got people looking for you,
you can't really wait till then,
so I decided to make it sooner.
This sucker is loaded,
in case you're wondering.
No doubt in my mind.
- Hey, man, you OK?
- He's great.
You just keep driving at the speed limit,
he's gonna be fantastic.
- Nobody said let's go cruising for a pizza.


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