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price for 'em, too.
I'm gonna give you another chance,
Mason. Where are them horses?
I told you. I sold 'em.
I don't know why you think I'd start
lying to you this late in life.
Ever close doors?
No wonder I can't pay the gas bill.
- Who'd you sell 'em to?
- I ain't gonna tell you.
Those people didn't pay
to have some kid come bothering them.
Mace, Rowdy's mine. You just can't sell
something that isn't yours.
You can't live on no money, either.
They got a good home. I made sure of that.
- They're gone, so shut up about it.
- You'd just better get those horses back.
I ain't getting them back. We couldn't
have kept feeding them much longer.
Either they would have starved
or we would. So shut up about it.
- You get those horses back.
- I ain't getting them back.
Tex, you better quit it.
You're strong, Tex,
but you never could fight worth a damn.
Come on.
- I'm gonna get my horse.
- You ain't gonna find him.
Pop wouldn't have let you sell them.
If Pop was here, I wouldn't have had to.
That's the point.
Hello, Tex.
Hey, where you going? Hey!
What happened to you?
What happened? You get hurt?
Mace sold him.
He sold him and he sold Toyota.
I'm gonna find him and get him back.
Well, were you going home later?
Not until I've found my horse.
- Tex, that's nuts.
- He's my horse.
I know, but he could be anywhere
and you can't just sleep on the road.
Why don't I take Jamie home and then
I'll come back and take you? OK?
Look, don't you two understand English?
He's my horse and I'm gonna find him.
I ain't going back until I find him.
- No, Tex, wait up.
- Get lost!
Get in the truck.
Damn it, I've had enough with you tonight.
I got a rope here. I'll tie you up
and drag you home if I have to.
He's right around here, isn't he?
That's why you want to stop me, right?
Yeah, he's right around here
and you're gonna find him.
Then he won't be sold any more.
Pop'll come home and we'll all be happy.
And we won't have to brush our teeth
or go to school ever again.
Christ, you're dumb.
Come on, get in the truck, OK?
- Hey, man.
- Hi, Robert.
Johnny and sis told me what happened.
- How's Texas doing?
- All right.
- Heard you two had...
- Just short of a major war, yeah.
Come on in.
You know, Cole could have bought
those horses for Johnny or Jamie.
Yeah, that would have completed
the Collins' vast empire pretty good.
Johnny's got enough for Tex
to be jealous of already, don't you think?
Can't see where Tex'd get jealous.
Johnny's always following him around
like some kinda puppy dog.
- Yeah, like a rich puppy dog.
- Kids don't think about money that much.
They do when you gotta sell their horse.
I didn't mean to hit him like that,
though. It's not like it was his fault.
- It wasn't anybody's fault.
- It sure as hell was.
It was my pop's fault. He ditched us here.
You know, I almost quit school
last quarter to get a job.
They might have let you quit school.
They'll never let you quit basketball.
I can't play basketball
if I gotta get a job to take care of Tex.
Coach Jackson's
got me in for a scholarship at Indiana.
Scouts don't even come to Bixby.
He's gotta send them a film of me playing.
If I make it through this season,
I'm gonna get out of Bixby
and I ain't coming back.
- Did we get any mail today?
- Couple more bills.
If you're hot to pay them,
it's OK with me.
Nothing from Pop, huh?
Pop would send us bills
if he thought we'd pay 'em.
I think he's hoping we'll forget
we got a father out there.
Yeah. Well, he's gotta come back,
specially if you're going off to college.
Hey, it's Lem.
Hey, Lem.
T for Texas! How you doing, man?
Finally got us a man from the big city.
When did they let you out of Tulsa?
Where's Connie?
Oh, Connie's back in Tulsa.
She's with another man.
- What do you boys feel like doing?
- Another man?
Yeah. They're in bed together.
Course, guy's only a couple of hours old.
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