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classes for me, too?
I'm sorry, Mace. I guess I could
have screwed you up pretty good.
Yeah, well, you had reason
to be mad at me.
I don't know. I think I was mostly scared.
I mean, running off and everything.
I thought I'd stay around here
and go to JC a while.
Then it wouldn't matter
if Pop evaporated again.
- He's not a bad person, Mace.
- Yeah, well, he ain't much of a father.
Well, you ain't, either,
and you've been trying longer.
No, you gotta go. If you stay,
you'll hate me in a couple of years.
Well, listen, I gotta get back to work.
Take care.
Want to go fishing tomorrow?
Nah. You'd better practise.
It's rough where you're going.
Yeah, well, it's pretty rough
where you're staying.
But I'll make it.

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