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They're gonna ask all kinds of questions,
call the cops.
What if they want to look in the car,
man? I got stuff in the trunk.
- Get the hell outta here.
- Hey, what are you doing, Tex?
Tex, what are you doing, man?
Get outta here!
- Hello?
- Hi, Jamie. It's Tex.
I can't remember my phone number.
Do you... I don't know my own number.
Do you... Do you know my number?
Tex. are you drunk or something?
No, I just got shot.
Listen, I gotta talk to Mace.
- Did you say you got shot?
- Yeah, one of Lem's doper friends.
Tex. is this
some kind of a joke or something?
No, sir. Listen, can I talk to Jamie?
Tex. where are you?
Um... I'm over at the shopping centre,
across the street from...
It's the hotel that looks like
the castle, you know?
Tex. hang up the phone.
Tex, come on, man.
Come on, let's get you to a doctor, man.
Come on.
Is Tex McCormick here?
- How much blood has he had?
- 1500cc.
We're taking the x-rays to surgery, doctor.
- Surgery ready?
- Yeah, they just called.
Hey, Mace.
I don't hate you, man.
I don't hate you.
We got some signs of life here, Mace.
- Hey, I want a Coke.
- He's OK.
- Don't move your arm.
You're gonna pull that thing loose.
- What is this?
- That's to help you grow more blood.
Just lay it down and be still now. Relax.
Hey, look, Tex. I'm gonna hold off
on that college stuff for a while.
A year or two, maybe.
Pop's got a lot of travelling to do,
and I can't exactly see leaving you
while you're still in high school.
So you're gonna be stuck with me
for a little while longer.
Mace, how about giving me and Tex
a little time here, will you?
Yeah, I'll get you that Coke.
- I want to tell you about your momma.
- Look, you don't have to, Pop.
Be still. I figure the truth will be
better than what you might be thinking.
Now, it's not just the bootlegging
business I got mixed up with.
Clare never wanted
anything to do with that.
She'd just say, "Sooner or later,
sure as hell, you're gonna get caught."
She was right.
They busted me
when Mace was just about two.
So when you were in prison
she was out screwing around?
Don't talk about your momma
that way, boy.
She was 19, she was alone. I was sitting
in prison with my back to the wall.
That was real smart, wasn't it?
Anyway, she told me
she was gonna have a kid.
And when I got out,
I wanted her back anyway.
She never cared anything about that guy.
She was just trying to get even with me.
She was sorry for it later.
- Sorry for it, huh?
- I don't mean for having you.
She always loved you
just like she did Mace.
You paid more attention to Mace than me.
Was that why?
I reckon.
You look plum tuckered out there, Tex.
You get some rest, boy. Get some sleep.
Mason's gonna come by
and see you tomorrow.
He ain't going nowhere now, so he'll have
a lot of time to come and see you.
Behave yourself, boy.
This where they keep the bodies?
Hey, Tex.
- Hey, Mace.
- Sir.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks. For what?
- Indiana want you. Full scholarship.
- What are you talking about?
You don't look very pleased.
They only gave you the red carpet.
But I never even applied.
They didn't even send me an application.
Well, you got in. I presume you are going?
- Well, yeah.
- Congratulations. You deserved it.
That guy I talked to in admissions
says you've got good taste in reading.
Smokey The Cowhorse
is his favourite book, too.
Hey, there, long, tall Mace.
What brings you out to the old spread?
Thought the country air
might clear my head.
I keep doing things
and then plumb forgetting about 'em.
Seems I wrote myself an application
a while back
to go to some fancy university-type
college back east in Indiana.
What did they say?
It seems I'm in!
The only thing I can't figure out
is how I got through the essay part.
Well, like you said,
Jamie Collins, she ain't dumb.
You guys gonna
take the

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