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How do you think I feel when I see
you be nice to him like he's some puppy?
I'm the one that's gotta look after him.
What's gonna happen when I go away?
Make it easier on me, at least!
He's my brother, even if he's not your son.
Who told you that?
Nobody had to tell me.
I know when you went to prison
and I know when Tex's birthday is.
- Is that true, Pop?
- Tex, listen...
Tex, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm gonna split. I'll see you guys later.
Jesus, Mace!
Hey, Tex! Tex! Hey, kid!
- Man, where are you going to?
- Wherever you're going, Lem.
Well, that's OK by me 'cause I'm bored,
man. Let's get out of here.
Can't you make this thing go any faster?
- Yeah.
- Let's do it.
Back there, I was looking
for Dwayne Kirkpatrick,
trying to buy some of that third-generation
homegrown he's got.
- You seen him?
- No.
I get a hundred bucks a lid
for that stuff in Tulsa, man.
- Hey, I gotta make a stop here.
- Make it.
Actually, I'd kinda like it
if you went in there with me.
A couple of deliveries got switched
and I got to go explain to these guys.
And I think it would be smart
if I didn't go in there by myself.
- I don't care.
- Be nice if you looked a little meaner!
I think it's gonna work out OK.
If there's any hassle, we'll just split.
You must have burned
these guys pretty bad?
Burned them? Who do you think
you're talking to, man? A nice guy like me?
It's just a mix-up, like when a computer
sends you a bill by mistake.
I'll work it out.
If there is any hassle, they'll be sorry.
I really feel like making somebody sorry.
Kid, I like your attitude.
Hey, man.
I was starting to wonder about you.
Who's your friend?
He's a connection from out in Dixie, man.
He's cool.
Tex, this is Kelly. Kelly, Tex.
Would you excuse us?
Why don't you just make yourself at home?
I'm really sorry about this mix-up.
Mix-up? Hey, man, don't come in here
talking about any mix-up. You owe us.
- Man, I thought we were pretty square.
- I don't know how you got that.
I don't think you're quite aware
how things are done around here.
Now, you're not hanging out
in some schoolyard out in cowtown.
Now, those kids out there, man,
you give them something gives them
a headache and they think they're high.
But this is Tulsa
and we got ways of doing things.
I know that.
You come into town and ten minutes later,
you're everybody's best friend.
And then ten minutes after that,
you're pulling a burn. I don't like it.
Kelly, I admire the sense of high drama
you have in your life, but you're crazy.
I didn't expect you to come without
a couple of ounces of clean crystal,
and not some garbage about a mix-up.
An honest mistake. Look...
You come around here with some samples
and then you come back with the delivery.
And that delivery is crap.
Now, that is no mix-up, man. That's a burn.
- What do you think we are? Stupid?
- Now you just wait one minute.
- We have been waiting a week, man.
- Keep it down, man.
Listen, I'm getting out of here.
This guy's nuts.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I told you already. I'm leaving.
Then he's gonna narc! He's gonna narc!
- He's not a narc, Kelly!
- You're not going nowhere, pal.
Hey, Kelly, it's cool.
Really. Come on, man.
Hold it right there.
Jesus Christ, man.
OK, look, man. It's cool, OK?
Everything's cool.
We'll be cool, and you be cool.
Just leave, OK?
I'm gonna kill him.
Tex, you don't want to kill him.
Let's split, let's get outta here.
- Not till I settle up with him.
- You have settled up, Tex.
Texas, come on, man, let's go.
OK, we're leaving.
You wanna stop us, you're both dead.
It's OK, it's cool. Everything's OK.
That's a nice bunch of friends
you hang out with.
- Jesus, what if he hadn't missed you?
- But he didn't.
Oh, my God, man!
Great, man! This is fantastic.
What am I gonna do?
What do you got to be mad about, Lem?
Man, I got to get you to a hospital.

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