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that fortune teller said.
You're one of the ones that's going.
Yo, Tex, do you think this is worth it?
They're not gonna find out who did it.
Even if they do, what are they gonna do?
Send us down the principal's office
for a lecture?
There, that's the last one.
Come on, I don't want
to miss the fireworks.
OK, folks, let's get it together here.
I know everybody's a little nutty
this week, but there is life after finals.
So let's get everything off our desks
except for pen or pencil,
and two pieces of loose-leaf paper.
Cathy, somebody has put caps
in the typewriters.
And you two were laughing
just a little bit too early, weren't you?
Who, me?
Well, you boys must think
it was so nice of the county
to build this school just so you could
have your fun, play your little jokes.
- Hello, Mr. Collins.
- Mrs. Johnson.
I might have known you'd be behind this.
Ever since the first day you came round,
I knew you'd be trouble for Johnny.
And I've been getting awful sick
of you getting Johnny in all these messes.
You ought to be just as sick of Johnny
getting Tex into 'em. I'd say it's 50-50.
Well, hello, Mason. I don't recall
inviting you to this meeting.
Don't you have a class now?
- I didn't know if my dad was coming.
- She called him. He'll be here.
Tell me the truth.
Was this your idea or Johnny's?
It was my idea.
And the time they threw that shopping cart
off that roof into that pool,
that was Johnny's idea, as I recall.
I told you this friendship
was just gonna keep lousing you up.
Now, I want you to promise me
that you'll end it right now.
- No.
- What?
No, sir.
Mr. Collins, just so you'll know.
I'm gonna suspend both of these boys
for the next three days.
They can make up their quarter finals,
but I'm gonna take 10 points
off each of the tests,
and I'm gonna recommend that the
high school put them in separate classes.
Well, I would think
that's the least you'd want to do.
When I get this one home, I'm taking a lot
more off of him than 10 points on a test.
You come with me.
Hey, Cole Collins,
where you been keeping yourself?
I been keeping myself at home,
taking care of my family.
You ought to try that sometime,
if the demand for rodeo clowns slows up.
Come on.
Appreciate your coming down, Mace,
and I really do think...
Hey, everybody. What seems to be
the charges against this here outlaw?
Well, what we did was, we put some
of those caps on some typewriter keys.
Start the day off with a bang, huh?
That sounds like one of them crazy things
I used to do when I was a kid.
- You were the one that told me about it.
- That's right.
If you'll excuse me, Mr. McCormick,
I think I'd like to talk to Tex in private.
I'm sorry. I didn't think
this would cause this much trouble.
You'd better start thinking,
because there are no more free chances.
- You know I almost expelled you today?
- Really?
I've considered it before,
but I haven't done it because I like you.
But I also like having
a halfway decent school.
If you make me choose,
I'm gonna choose the school, aren't I?
- I want to talk to you about a job.
- Huh?
Mr. Kencaide,
over at the Kencaide Quarter Horse Ranch,
he called, asking about hiring some kids
for summers and after school.
Does that interest you?
He's not looking for any bronco busters,
just somebody to look after the horses.
And for some godforsaken reason,
I thought you might behave responsibly
in a job like that. What do you think?
Yeah, it might be all right.
Just don't make me sorry
I recommended you.
Well, I take horses real serious.
I hope so, Tex. I hope
there's something you take seriously.
Because it may be
the only thing that'll save you.
OK, you heard my punishment. You can go
on home now. Take your family with you.
You know better than that.
I was never one to go to PTA meetings.
So you can't take Tex serious,
you don't care what happens to him.
Yes, I do.

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