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Тариф Новогодний

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s the point?
Just imagine. You come there all so beautiful.
- Who's there?
- And there's nobody at home.
- Is that her there?
- So you find his wife.
And say to her...
Hello! Where's Vitaliy?
He's not here.
What do you need him for?
I see. Where else would he be?
He's at his favorite pub.
You find him.
And infiltrate his circle.
Is this for me?
And he even starts to respect you
like real men.
A man can see another from afar!
And you start hinting to him that on the night of December 31st he really should not drive drunk.
Me driving drunk?
Pour some more!
So, girls, that plan will not work.
- What do you recommend?
- Yes?
Wait till winter.
And go see him just before the New Year.
Try to catch him there.
We still have bus #20 left.
Well that actually
is the least of all evils.
Let's raise glasses to our valiant bus park!
Listen, lad!
Let's do some more fireworks!
Or I have to start on my bus route right now...
and I'm already... lai-laaa...
Actually, we are deciding a question
of life and death here.
It's bad enough that time is running out, but on top of that we have recruited a bunch of unprofessionals.
But I have good news as well!
Andrey has sent me photos from fashion magazines.
Yes! Next year the in colors are
red and maroon.
Oh, wow! These colors look really great on me!
- Girls!!!
- Rita???
What, "Rita"?
I personally like it.
This message I am sending you just in case communication between us becomes impossible, and you stay in your time. And I here in mine.
I really don't care
that a whole year separates us.
I know
that we will meet.
We had a discussion and came to the conclusion that you will definitely need the help...
of these two heroes.
This is Vadim.
Hi! I'm the smartest one around here.
- How do you feel about smart guys?
- And this is the colored monster, Cat.
Allow me!
By the way, I am the love hero around here
and this was all my idea.
Unlike him, we, in your time, are in Moscow.
Alyona, only Vadim and I will be able to help you.
Andrey is having big problems in Austria.
He'll tell you everything himself, once he comes back.
We thought this and that.
he will be able to arrive only just before New Year.
But you don't worry.
Einstein and I will help you.
Give it here.
Stop bothering my girl.
Only theoretically! In practice she's not your girl yet, eventhough you love her...
That was a secret...
I'm watching this video for the 4th time.
And I still can't understand:
is it really us?
It's you! You!
That guy on the right...
is definitely the same idiot as you.
If you don't believe me,
then believe my song!
Anyways, you... well, not you, but the you who is there in the future...
that you thinks that all three elements are important: the bus, the oil truck, and the automobile
because each of them carries a negative charge.
Well, I agree...
with that... colleague.
We need your help!
It's easy.
Right, Vadim?
We need to weight everything.
Vadim... What's with you?
- No, of course we will help!
- I said we'll help, so we'll help!
- Alyona!
- What do you want?
- I was walking and saw you guys.
- Saw us and keep on walking.
The handsome guy came.
I wanted to ask, is it true?
- What is true?
- That you are planning to stop a car accident?
- Us?
- Fragile little girls?
- Ha-ha 3 times!
- Ridiculous!
Maybe you need help?
Maybe we do.
Another batch!
Do I need something more racy?
Work it!
Couldn't find a sillier costume?
Found what I could.
I'll give it to Vadim.
- This is for you.
- Happy New Year!
Why do I have to go with Oleg?
Borya! We're leaving.
What about this?
Only out of deep respect
for New Year holiday!
It's all too... unpredictable.
We are here to save the world.
And not to laugh!
What are you laughing at?
So, should we go over the
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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