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Тариф Новогодний

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later. Right now we need to learn all the details about the accident.
There you have it: human ingratitude. I got him the police case file with all the photos, last names, and addresses,
and he's too stingy to give a compliment.
Forgive me. I've been wanting to tell you this for a very long time. Finally I've mustered up the courage.
You are the smartest smart girl...
and the most beautiful beauty.
That's a fact, Marie.
Yes, I got everything. Right now I'm transferring it onto my computer.
It's everything we were able to find. Contact information, witness testimonies, and plan of action...
- ... the way we see it.
- Excellent!
Thank you!
Then let's move on to the congratulations.
Happy Birthday!
How did you know?
I just know.
How is your mood?
You'll probably have a big party today?
To be honest, I don't feel like
organizing anything.
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Excuse me. Hello! Yes.
Listen, stop talking. It's time to drink!
- What are you yelling for? Her grandma is calling!
- Oh, really? Grandma?
"Hello, granddaughter, how are you?"
"I am drinking vodka with my friends!"
"Good! Just be sure not to smoke."
By the noise in the background I can tell that you are sitting alone in the library.
It's the librarian going crazy.
They're always this way.
They read too many books
and then cannot calm down.
It seems to me
that you are actually sad.
Did something happen?
It's nothing.
I just wanted to have a fun holiday...
but it started to rain.
Don't be upset.
I remember one of my birthdays.
Long time ago. In summer camp.
A girl from team 7 gifted me a kaleidoscope.
And I lost it that same day.
To this day I feel ashamed.
It's so strange...
I have this feeling
that you are close to me.
I only need to stretch out my hand
and I will touch you.
I will miss your phone calls.
Why the pessimistic attitude?
But you have always said:
- as soon as we begin changing the future...
- The existing reality will change as well.
One day your call will not go through.
Again you're suffering all alone?
Why alone?
Don't tell me?
Another telecommunication session?
First. First. This is Second!
Say hello to Andrey.
It's Rita.
- He says hello to you too.
- Thank you!
This message...
I am sending you just in case communication between us becomes impossible, and you stay in your time. And I here in mine.
I really don't care
that a whole year separates us.
I know
that we will meet.
Are you with us?
Yes, I'm sorry.
- So it's not enough to take down
just this guy?  - No.
All together they make up the critical mass.
And each of them is carrier of the threat.
So if we remove Barinov,
the bus and the oil truck will still collide.
Only in some other way.
- It's karma.
- What?
I'm not the one who came up with this.
Andrey thinks so.
No, I'm not playing it this way.
That means we have to
take down everyone!
Thus spoke the innocent child!
So. I am taking on Barinov.
Olga - the bus.
- Max - oil truck!
- I can take on the oil truck!
- I'll pretend to be a dumb blond.
- Yes!
Why would you need to pretend?
And I will confidently neutralize both
the oil truck and the driver.
I can only imagine!
My dear beautiful flowers...
Can you tell me how to get to SFTVK?
Of course. Let me look at my map.
Maybe you'll have some tea first?
- Would you like sugar?
- And some lemon, if possible.
Maybe... to hell with the SFTVK?
You are right.
Stay here... with me.
- Ha-ha 3 times.
- You're wrong.
The idea with tea is not that bad.
Purely theoretically such a guy
could very well bite the bait.
Maybe we should mix up
the truck driving schedules?
Yeah right!
It's probably way easier to dig a whole trench in the middle of the freeway than figure out all this bureaucratic obscurity.
Okay, let's put that one aside.
Now conserning the automobile...
- What if we go to that village?
- Severnyi.  - Yes!
- And find Barinov there!
- What'
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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