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Тариф Новогодний

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not be
here with you guys today.
What do we start with?
We need all the information
about the dead.
Addresses, telephone numbers...
Who was at the wheel, and
who arrived later.
And who set the driving routes.
We collect all this information,
and I will send it all to Alyona's phone.
Yes, sir.
It's very important that she doesn't
start acting too early.
- Meaning?
- I'm afraid as soon as she tries to fix something.
Everything will begin to change.
The phone connection can break off
or hell knows what else.
Andrey, the connection has been
established between two particular spirals in time.
If you change things,
you will have completely new reality.
Got it?
You're saying that I should
just sit, wait, and do nothing?
By the way, it's I who will be killed there.
Listen, I am only suggesting to wait.
This will allow us to collect more
accurate information.
Right now there are a lot of unknowns.
I don't want to lose you one more time.
Try to understand, if we contact
even one person of those who died
and send him down a new time
trajectory, everything is going to change.
I will no longer be able to get in touch
with you by phone and say,
"Hi! How are things?"
But I will be able to! I'll wait till New Year, come up to you, and say...
What do I say to you?
The you who will be at Red Square that night
does not know me yet.
I'll send you a video message.
From here, from the future.
You'll show that to me,
and I will understand everything.
What will you understand?
I will understand that you and I...
Hello! Andrey!
I can't hear you!
As I said, Russian people are
no different from us.
You can see he is asking
for help from the water spirit.
Can you believe it?
Like a snow leopard, I...
risking my life
I dive for the phone...
All around me there's a crowd of tourists
and they all start clapping,
shouting to me,
"Andrey! You are the best!"
- Though they probably took me for a madman.
- But of course.
Just look at yourself: walking alone
through the city and smiling to yourself.
Then I suggest going to Europe.
Over there people just live
however they like.
No one cares what other people
might think of him.
Why not? I have always wanted to
visit the homeland of Mozart.
You know, I saw his house.
Ordinary yellow house.
Four stories. Two windows on the top floor.
I was actually more impressed by the fried chestnuts I was able to buy across the street.
To each his own.
You should try them first,
and then say.
What if after that you would say, "Forget music. I am going to grow chestnut trees."
Rita... You are going to laught at me, but...
- I started to feel scared of buses.
- There we go again.
- Alyona, stop thinking about it all the time!
- I can't.
I look at people...
and realize that for some of them this is
their very last spring ever.
And they don't have a clue about it!
Nothing to be scared of!
Hey, stop!
Open the doors!
Open the door!
Did you fall asleep?
Forgive me.
You are playing "Seasons of the Year,"
so you need to think about the eternal.
You need to say to yourself: I am a stream,
I'm a porcupine, I'm...
Someone finds it funny?
You need to play,
like it's for the very last time.
Sergeeva, do you understand
what it means to play for the very last time?
No, the hell you don't.
By the way this concerns all of you.
This is how it's going to be:
either you work well
or I put you through musical terror.
It is so cozy here.
- Come see us more often.
- Definitely.
- You might get bored of me.
- I take you at your word.
Duty calls.
A big thank you for your help.
See the lady out.
Are you alright?
To give away copies of all the case documents?
Even I didn't know how you are...
so cunning.
A kiss!
You have yet to learn, darling.
Well? Start praising me and telling me how smart and clever I am.
Applause and flowers
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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