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Тариф Новогодний

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Then the worst part is
that he will come to see not me,
but that girl in the future.
Wait, you are being jealous
of your own self?
You're a goldmine for psychiatry.
It's all good for her,
but I have to wait a whole nother year.
- Hello.
- You are late.
Run down quickly.
The bus may not have left yet.
What bus?
To the cemetery.
Today it's 9 days since...
Did someone die in Alyona's family?
Our dear Alyona.
Did you tell her?
Afraid to?
An oil truck crashed into a bus.
Alyona and 40 more people killed.
What's the big problem?
We just need to call her and tell her to not go to this place on that night. Problem solved.
You're a real genius.
What about other people?
We can find out the phone numbers
and addresses of others too.
And tell her to call these people.
Right, Vadim?
We should not.
We should not save anyone.
No one besides Alyona.
Everything must stay as it is.
What if our interference leads
to even more deaths?
What do you mean "if"?
Understand it's no accident that all these people came together in one place. For some reason it was supposed to happen.
What if it's no accident that I called her?
Maybe I was meant to change this?
- There is a messiah among us!
- Without sarcasm, please!
Alright! Alright!
Let's look at it from another angle.
What if among those 40 people there was some terrorist or serial killer who was supposed to die?
Why the other people?
Cat, you go talk to him.
No, this is simply bad manners!
He knows that I'm suffering.
Is it really so hard to call?
I wouldn't spend so much money
on you either.
So Pavel comes over yesterday and says
to me, "Mademoiselle..."
I tell him, "What 'Mademoiselle'
am I to you?"
I just wanted to say that
everything needs to be calculated well.
Call her.
First I must gather more information.
Andrey, the phone reception may be cut off at any moment. You may simply not have time to warn her.
Call her.
So be it.
We're having a good time here.
Of course!
Shall we go for a ride?
- Would you like it fast?
- Yes!
We're going to have it fast.
Is it possible they remembered us?
- Listen to me, please.
- Faster! Faster!
What now?
We've already decided that on New Year's
night you will not go there.
And stop getting yourself
worked up about it.
So it means I have a future, but
someone else does not?
New Year's Eve night turned into a big tragedy. On one of the streets of Moscow
there was a collision between an oil truck, a bus, and an automobile.
The year that ended will be long remembered not by joyous ringing of bells,
but by the howling of ambulance and fire truck sirens. Just 15 minutes prior to New Year...
in the midst of a busy street an explosion was heard...
That's what TV news reported.
Here's what was published later:
Experts insist that the accident was
caused by Vitaliy Barinov.
Born in 1963. He had high blood alcohol content at the time of the accident.
41 people dead.
- Who wants coffee?
- I'd like some cognac in mine.
Are you too miser to share
some with your friend?
Andrey, do you want some?
The friend who searched the internet for absolutely everything that could be searched? Sacrificing his health...
You should've spent less time
on porn sites.
That's where the most useful information is.
What are you talking about?
Comedians! By the way, that's exactly where I found police camera videos.
I had no doubt.
- Bring the man coffee!
- I'm running.
Thank you!
- Andrey, you didn't even ask for any!
- Stop complaining.
He's driving me nuts!
- There you go!
- Thank you!
Look here, demons.
Naked woman. Big deal!
See. The car starts driving
against the direction of traffic.
The driver of the oil truck hits on the gas,
his rear is carried to the side and hits the bus.
By the way I was taking a bus
on that very same route only earlier.
A little bit more and I would
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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