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Тариф Новогодний

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life on that cat.
Good day!
- Did Andrey call?
- No.
Merrily! Energetically!
With fire in your eyes!
Not like last time...
No one is dying here...
Start from 3rd line!
Let's stop this circus.
You wanted to make me angry,
you've succeeded.
I was wrong.
I regret my actions, and I'm asking
you out to a restaurant. Any restaurant.
Whichever you choose.
Too late. First of all.
Second, I'm not single anymore.
- What are you doing! Villain!
- Have you lost your mind?
Yes, I've lost my mind!
When I spent New Year with that dumb girl!
Would you take a better look at yourself?!
Still she wants me!
The police wants you!
How boring!
Andrey, this is urgent.
Presentation on our new equipment.
It needs to be moved to next week.
So be it. Can you imagine?
If I happen to go away for a year,
everything is taken apart.
You didn't forget?
That today we are celebrating
my birthday?
I was hoping to receive as a present...
something special.
Masha, what for?
Vadim loves you.
So be happy together.
That's it. Let's dance!
Sit down for a second.
A toast!
To my beloved Marie!
Bottoms up! Everyone!
- Hello!
- Hi!
- It's me.
- I'm so happy to hear you.
Is everything alright?
Now it is.
I was afraid that I will never
hear your voice again.
I don't know your last name
or your address.
I even called you several times,
but the lady's voice in the phone informed me, "Unfortunately you cannot place a call into the future,
yes, and you cannot send a text message
there either."
Well, of course.
The future hasn't happened yet.
Let's go to a cafe together.
- Right now?
- Is it late?
- On the contrary, it's a great idea.
- Awesome.
I have one very cozy place in mind.
Leaving already?
Forgive me.
Time for me to go.
Is she better than me?
She is just different.
It's all so strange.
If Rita told me this,
I'd never believe her.
To be talking to a person
from the future!
Why dramatise it so!
We can go and meet each other tomorrow. We're not on different planets, after all.
You'll meet with me there?
And I'll meet you here?
It's a bit awkward.
Just imagine, I'll come over
to you tomorrow and say,
"Hello! I met you in the future."
You'll think I'm a loony.
But you won't be able to see me.
All of last year I spent in Austria.
An avid skier?
A translator.
Our firm had a massive
building project there
and all of last year I was
busy working from morning till night.
But if you don't mind.
I can come see you.
Say, tomorrow, for instance.
What day is tomorrow?
January 9th.
I'll write it down in my day planner
and will circle the date:
"All day wait for Andrey!"
So in your time I am right now sitting at home, all nervous, looking at the calendar
and worried that maybe you won't like me?
Of course, I will like you.
Let's check that.
I am going to leave you a "hello"
from the past under the window sill.
I hope the employees at this
restaurant are not too conscientious,
and they don't clean here too much.
Then they don't wash their
glasses well either.
No, this doesn't include the glasses.
Can I look now?
It's been a year that you can look.
Is everything alright?
Yes, thank you.
I dropped a cufflink.
Who was I taking the bill to?
Young lady, save me!
Oh, wow!
I desperately need you help.
Do you speak the flower language?
In prose or rhyme?
You see, I need to explain,
why I was absent for an entire year.
Then, you know what, young man...
You should attach to the flowers...
this diamond.
And she will understand everything.
Then I'm afraid I won't be
around for another 15-20 years.
After the government confiscates it.
But I would...
have waited for you.
Thank you!
It's me, Andrey.
These are for you!
These are for you.
Why are you worried so?
You will meet today,
and everything will be just perfect.
Yeah, right. It will be.
- First of all, I will be old already.
- What?!
Older by an entire year.
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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