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Тариф Новогодний

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practice she's not your girl yet, even though you love her...
That was a secret...
I'm watching this video for the 4th time.
And I still can't understand:
is it really us?
It's you! You!
That guy on the right...
is definitely the same idiot as you.
If you don't believe me,
then believe my song!
Anyways, you... well, not you, but the you who is there in the future...
that you thinks that all three elements are important: the bus, the oil truck, and the automobile
because each of them carries a negative charge.
Well, I agree...
with that... colleague.
We need your help!
It's easy.
Right, Vadim?
We need to weight everything.
Vadim... What's with you?
- No, of course we will help!
- I said we'll help, so we'll help!
- Alyona!
- What do you want?
- I was walking and saw you guys.
- Saw us and keep on walking.
The handsome guy came.
I wanted to ask, is it true?
- What is true?
- That you are planning to stop a car accident?
- Us?
- Fragile little girls?
- Ha-ha 3 times!
- Ridiculous!
Maybe you need help?
Maybe we do.
Another batch!
Do I need something more racy?
Work it!
Couldn't find a sillier costume?
Found what I could.
I'll give it to Vadim.
- This is for you.
- Happy New Year!
Why do I have to go with Oleg?
Borya! We're leaving.
What about this?
Only out of deep respect
for New Year holiday!
It's all too... unpredictable.
We are here to save the world.
And not to laugh!
What are you laughing at?
So, should we go over the material? Especially since such a New Year we have never had before,
at least I have not.
So, at 21:50 an oil truck will leave the oil depot in Solnechnogorsk.
I remember.
Our Olya takes on the entire weight
of this assignment.
I'll take care of him.
As to Vitaliy Barinov.
His wife told detectives that they had a fight, and at 22:30 he left home.
She thought he'll get some fresh air and come back.
But he drove off to Moscow.
Guys, Barinov must never reach Moscow.
Forget about him.
We'll take care of it.
And finally bus #20.
It will leave the bus park at 23:15.
Where our team will be waiting for it.
The bus is covered by our exceptional defense.
I will be standing near the place of the accident.
And remember...
At 23:45 by some absurd coincidence the bus, the oil truck, and the drunk driver are supposed to collide.
We must stop them.
- That's all. Take your positions!
- Let's go!
Wait, who's going to get the champagne?
To celebrate our victory?
- We'll ask Masha.  - Masha?!
- Yes, Masha.
"I have manicure and high heels,
how can I?..."
- I'll kill you!
- "How can I walk on such legs to the grocery store?"
Good luck!
Everyone stay in touch.
Are you cold?
Don't get the wrong idea.
It's not you that I'm waiting here for.
Maybe I'll give you a lift?
Thank you!
As you wish.
1, 2, 3, 4...
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
You don't want to live anymore?
Forgive me.
You wouldn't have some tea?
With sugar.
Maybe even champagne with pineapples?
Are you out working?
Oh, no!
I am a respectable girl!
I got lost,
but I need to get to the city.
Grandmother is waiting for me.
And you're taking her a pirojok
and a pot of butter?
Yes! Butter.
She likes eating it in her sandwiches.
Alright, get in. Frau Madonna.
Neither brains nor shoes.
Oh, mommy!
Why do you have such strong hands?
"I'm so cold!"
- Shut the door.
- Thank you!
So this is the plan...
First, we flatten his tires. If that doesn't work, then a knockout punch to the head.
Darn it.
- But the wife said he'll be coming later.
- Stay calm.
Hey! Do you know the consequences of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol?
Oh, man.
New Year is the happiest holiday of all.
But the people are so
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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