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Тариф Новогодний

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giving you my number.
Yes, just a second.
I got it. I have it down.
Alright. Bye!
- He's asking for my photo!
- Cool!
Have you gone crazy?
Look at the black spots under my eyes!
Now calm down.
I'll take a nice picture of you!
Give me passion.
I said "passion."
Give me shyness.
Now inviting.
And now subdued.
No, "subdued" doesn't work.
Here's the best one.
It doesn't allow me to send it.
Listen, don't worry about it.
You'll send it later.
Let's make him suffer a little bit.
You know, like always.
- Rita!
- What?
He sent me his picture!
Some people are just so lucky.
- What if that's not him?
- No, that is him.
Andrey, bring it here!
- Ask him, he doesn't happen to have a twin?
- I'd have taken the twin.
Judging by the sour expression,
she didn't come.
- That's the thing: she came.
- Was she ugly?
- I don't know.
- You can't decide if she's ugly or not?
We didn't meet.
We went to different ice skating rings.
"My head is thinking,
No worries at all."
"And also puffs,
thoughts and straws."
I think there's no reason to worry.
Why don't you invite him somewhere?
You'll sit and talk.
And I'll watch you from afar.
I'll envy someone else's happiness.
The number dialed is incorrect.
Please, be more careful in dialing...
Maybe it's all for the best.
What if she has eyes like this?
Nose like this? Lips like this?
That she'll want to kiss you with?
Then my most cherished fantasy
will finally come true!
Congratulations, Casanova!
He couldn't wait!
The fire of love burned him through!
I suggest carrying out the
minimum program.
- I ask for another date.
- I agree.
Only the place must be such
that the lady would make no mistakes.
And it must a short walk.
And it must be romantic!
Andrey! Maybe she's just playing with you?
- Stop it!
- Happy New Year!
You're something like her back-up plan.
Right, Cat?
Ha? Yes.
Focus your attention on someone more real.
Over there.
Does that guy suit your purposes?
- Andrey, you want to fall in love with a guy?
- You must be very desperate!
No mistakes can be made here.
You'll recognize me right away.
I'm the guy with an icicle hanging
down his nose.
I see the park already!
Please stop after that turn.
- Look.
- Yes.
This is me.
And this is my snow covered friend over here.
See it?
This is for you.
- Forgive me that I'm without flowers.
- I see the statue.
But I'm hoping that won't disappoint you too much. If you want, we can go looking for flowers under the snow...
... that is, if the two of us don't freeze first.
You know, just a little bit more...
and I will freeze for good.
I am here.
- But I don't understand anything.
- What don't you understand?
Can I ask you a stupid question?
What year is it right now?
Is that a joke?
It's 2008 right now.
"Restoration work will be finished
in January of 2009."
You're lying!
No, I'm not.
Go, go, go...
Good job!
It doesn't seem to you
that he...
- Is taking you...
- For not a very smart girl.
I don't know.
Look for yourselves.
This is me.
And this is my snow covered friend over here.
- And in reality that statue looks like this!
- Oh, I don't know.
I think it's all pretty convincing.
Let him show you some more proof.
For example, outcomes of soccer matches...
or horse races.
Don't talk nonsense!
What? Pashka is right.
Let him tell us horse race results.
And if we win something!
Which wouldn't be bad at all...
then he really must be
a guest from the future.
- There you go!
- Back to the future!
Back to the future, my friend!
Unlike you, he at least has
a smart face.
That's right!
Listen! What if it's not his face?
What if he's an alien who's
occupying someone else's body?
- Is that possible?
- Yeah.
Theoretically it is possible.
But if we disregard everything else
and treat time as a function.
- Then...
- Who is he talking to right now?
To you, foolish boy.
Vadim, how about not as a function?
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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