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Тариф Новогодний

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either. I'm just calling you to wish you a Happy New Year!
- She's crying!
- I said that we shouldn't do this.
She's neither the first nor the last
to cry because of him.
Did someone hurt your feelings?
It just so happened.
Let me guess...
you were visited by a drunken Santa Claus
who took away all your presents?
Do you at least have champagne?
I have.
Then immediately open it and drink it.
The whole bottle?
At least a third of it.
Andrey! Hurry up!
We need to get going.
Did you pour a glass?
Let us drink to...
everything getting better for you and...
you never ever having to greet in
the New Year all by yourself.
Thank you!
May I call you again tomorrow?
Coming! Coming!
To hear your voice once again.
My name is Andrey, by the way.
I'm Alyona.
I'll call you.
I'll be sure to call.
Happy New Year! And lots of new happiness!
Are your parents back yet?  - Not yet.
Well, then!
Listen, have you been sleeping?
I haven't been to bed yet.
By the way, I'm simply dying from hunger.
Forgive me, but I really need the refrigerator.
Last year's salads!
I love them!
- Can you believe it? Oleg yesterday...
- No, don't.
Don't what? Don't what?
Is it okay to ruin people's holidays?
At another person's Requiem
you can't play your Mendelssohn.
By the way, Pashka and Maks almost
gave your Oleg a good beating.
- He's not "mine" anymore.
- Anyways, they both ran away pretty fast.
Hi! It's Andrey.
- How is the mood?
- Better already.
What about going skiing?
- Is that Pashka?
- No, it's Andrey.
He called me yesterday, and we got acquainted.
I can't. I can't risk hurting my fingers.
- Your toes?
- No, my fingers. I'm a violinist.
- A professional violinist?
- Yes.
- You read musical notes?
- Sometimes.
I can imagine how your neighbors
must be killing themselves.
There are no more neighbors left.
They've all jumped out of windows by now.
There is a terrible sin bearing down
on your conscience.
But you can have it absolved
by meeting me on the ice skating ring today.
Is the punishment not too severe?
- That means I hope to see you there!
- Alright.
- Okay, it's agreed then.
- Till we meet!
The old lady did not suffer long.
I thought she is in coma,
came to sit at her bedside.
And here you are...
Tell me everything!
So what do I tell?
I don't know him. He called me
and said that he dialed my number by accident.
What a liar!
And you?
And I answered the call.
My dear pine trees!
And he?
He's asking me on a date.
And you?
And he's already getting the skates ready.
Blind date!
- What if she is scary like...
- Now don't!
None of your sick fantasies, please.
- I know that she is beautiful.
- Why do you think so?
First of all, she's a violinist.
Secondly, she has a beautiful voice.
- And if she played the double bass.
- Then she would have had a moustache...
and the voice like that of a djigit
(Kazakhstany cowboy)!
You know, I think it's not bad.
I think it's terrible.
First of all, these things were invented
for people with crooked legs.
Who are you referring to?
Secondly, we've been waiting for your date
for 20 minutes already.
What if he's here, but just too shy to walk over?
He scheduled the date with me,
but he liked you?
Now that's to be expected.
Hi! Where are you?
- I'm at the ice skating ring.
- Me too!
- I'm in the red sweater, as we agreed.
- Then why do I not see you?
I'm just coming to the New Year tree.
And I'm the guy...
I'm the guy who just fell on the ice!
- See me?
- Half the people here are like that.
However, I'm the only one who
contrasts well with the blue tree decorations.
Why are you silent?
I think I went to the wrong ice skating ring!
I've bent all my legs here!
And we're in the wrong place!
Forgive me!
Listen, let's send each other our
pictures by SMS. To make it easier.
Or I will have to chase after
every red sweater.
- Your number is not identified on my phone.
- I'm
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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