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Тариф Новогодний

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You better not "bunny up" so early!
Brave falcon, golden my hat, don't be shy.
That's what I've got!
Why so little?
Oh, young falcon...
Where's everybody else?
- Are you asking about your boyfriend?
- Who else?
- Are you gossiping again?
- Oleg!
- Why did you take so long?
- Just so happened. Let's step away for a second.
- Let's go!
- Hi, Vika!
Hello, everyone!
- What is she doing here?
- Will anyone offer the lady some champagne?
If we want to make it to the Red Square,
we should get going.
- Alyona! Catch up!
- Alright!
You see, I've been thinking a long time...
- and I decided that...
- Wait one second, please!
This is for you! It's a gift...
- It's better for us to break up.
- ... for New Year!
I'm sorry.
Olejek, hold me tight!
It's so slippery on high heels! Bye!
Anybody here?
The power stations cannot handle it.
Everyone is at home in front of their
TVs right now.
Is anyone waiting for you at home?
My friends are waiting for me.
- Do you need a gift?
- I need a phone.
- Only a phone?
- Yes.
Since you are our last customer tonight...
I would like to offer you a free gift
in addition to the phone.
A calling plan of your dreams.
Interesting... So what do I dream about?
I think probably like everyone else:
about love.
Hold it for me!
- Yes, I'm listening.
- Vadim! It's me!
Andrey?! Finally!
Where are you? Why did you not pick up?
I just flew in. Guess what happened to me?
He lost his mobile.
Now he has a new number.
- Tell him we've been waiting for him for long time.
- We are waiting for you. Next to the tree.
Alright, agreed.
- Masha, you're not cold, I hope?
- No.
Yelling in my ear.
No! Just take a look at him!
A real pig: he didn't write, he didn't call!
And now there you go: he's back home!
Masha, see, anyone who lives in Austria for a whole year will come back with a face just like that!
Or will forget the language!
Why are you silent? Give us a snort at least!
You've changed a lot!
And you haven't!
Happy New Year!!!
Everyone is already here.
Before our eyes...
Midnight is dancing in the rooms.
If we read time backwards,
The walls with our pain crumble.
Let the old year remember about us
The very best, the most important.
Everything will pass,
The new countdown begins here and now.
So we begin a new chapter!
May the New Year make all our dreams come true!
I really hope to get hired
somewhere as a talk show host.
- Or get hired as a janitor!
- No!  - Yes!
Only the top director of all janitors!
- What do you want, Andrey?
- He wants love.
Real love.
- Let us drink to love!
- To love!
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
And now...
the Russian... traditional... game!
Guys! How much longer can we do it?
Every year it's the same thing:
make phone calls and bother people. Enough of it!
Not bother people,
but bring people holiday spirit!
- Everyone must make a call.
- Not everyone!
But only those
who don't have a girlfriend.
- Andrey! There's a traitor among us.
- Yes.
That's enough!
Or we'll get stepped on.
Andrey, tell me the truth...
you really have nothing against
me and Masha dating?
- Vladim, honestly?  - Honestly.
- Don't worry about it.
Masha and I broke up way back last year.
So I wish you two happiness!
Get off me!
Now Vadim is going to make a call.
Alright the phone call is on!
There, have the phone!
Happy New Year! Hello!
I wish you a great holiday!
I wish you luck!
Keep calling! No pretending!
Pass on a "hello" from me as well!
Look, you dropped something.
Oh, yes!
By the way,
a souvenir from Austria.
I'll give it you.
May it bring you luck.
Allice Goute jewelry.
I'm telling you I don't know you,
and you don't know me either.
No, I don't know your wife.
Who is it? Who?
Some old man.
- Hello, Oleg?
- Happy New Year!
Who are you?
You don't know me, and I don't know you
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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