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Тариф Новогодний

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make good money
at corporate parties.
- How much?
- $600.
- That's a beastly fee!
- It's 600 rubles!
Oh, okay, that's decent.
That's right, moose!
Play us some!
Play us that...
Across tundra,
Across the wide open road...
Rita, they are all coming here!
And Andrey is on that bus!
Do something!
Get off the road!
We're all gonna die!
Oh you drunkard!
Hands off the wheel!
Our New Year marathon continues.
There is less and less time remaining untill...
the winner appears in our studio.
You won't get away,
you barbarian!
I'll show you!
Come on, come on!
And the first lucky winner who arrives in our studio will receive...
golden disks and this stuffed...
Can I request a song?
Something... rhythmic!
Stop the car!
Go right!
Just try touching my bus.
I'll show you such a New Year's night!
Would you just look at that?
This is nuts!
That's it, boys.
Happy New Year!
- Stop!
- Can't you see ice there's on the road?!
Open the door!
Mother of a porcupine!
They've all gone nuts!
Oh, the dear boy!
Andrey! Are you alive?!
- What have you done?!
- Andrey!
I think so.
When I saw it coming towards me my knees just gave way. It flew right over me.
We did it!
Now this luck... is real luck!
Big time!
What are you doing here? You're supposed to be waiting for me at Red Square?
Masha will kill me! Lend me your phone, I smashed mine against this dude's head.
I have a small car?!
You couldn't see me?!
Was going to buy a phone,
but didn't get there.
Stay here!
Yes! Rita, everything is great!
We did it!
- We rescued everyone!
- Really?  - Yes!
- Come join us!
- Alright.
We did it!
We did it!
I wanted to say thank you.
For what?
If you hadn't called out to me, I would've been lying smashed across the radiator right now.
Thank you!
It's nothing.
Why did you all get off the bus? This is going to take long. Get back on the bus!
It's cold here!
Calm down.
Everything is going to be alright.
Dear Masha, where are you?
No, Vadim, where are you?
I am standing all alone on Red Square, I have 16 bottles of champagne, and I am wearing high heels! How much longer do I carry all this?
My dear girl,...
if you only knew how much I love you!
Do you hear me?
I love you!
I want to be
the father of your children!
You hear me?
no one has ever said that to me before.
Listen, I really need to
get out of here.
- I'm running late!
- Vika?
- Hi!
- What are you doing here?
I was driving to my friends' place, then saw there's some traffic accident. I thought maybe I can help.
The traffic accident didn't happen.
Everyone is alive.
It seems there's no way we're
getting out of here quickly.
So like last year we greet in
the New Year together?
I'm not against the idea.
Me too.
I don't even know how
to thank you.
May I give you this gift?
Oh, wow!
Thank you!
And this is for you.
A kaleidoscope!
Happy New Year!
I have this feeling
that we've already met somewhere.
- My name is Andrey, by the way.
- I'm Alyona.
Excuse me,
you are probably already closed?
But there's something
I really really need.
Why closed?
No, we're open.
I was waiting for you in particular.
I have an excellent offer for you...
a phone
and as a gift along with it...
a calling plan of your dreams.
Cat - Roman Polansky
When the young year comes in
And the old year goes away,
Any wish is meant to come true
That's just the kind of night it is!
Everything will become quiet
And still all around...
In anticipation of new days to come,
And all of sudden the snow flake
Will turn into a fire bird in the palm of your hand.
And the New Year
That will be here very
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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