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Тариф Новогодний

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of heroics.
When I'm sober, it's boring.
That's why I'm driving the night shift.
- Should we go celebrate?
- No!
Don't be scared. I'm jocking.
I'm not a bad guy, really.
Just so...
If you really want,
I even won't drive on Waterfront.
I want it.
Very much.
Hi! Happy New Year!
- Would you hurry up!
- I'm hurring already!
What the hell!
Thank you! I'll get it myself.
- Rita, what's going on?
- I'm coming!
You say you have strong arms?
That's alright.
Ours are long, though!
No, this is not happening to me!
I am not here!
It's happening to you alright.
Get on the bus, quickly!
Don't stall! Don't block the way!
BUS #20.
We're holding them up,
untill our friends block the road.
Hey, moose!
Have you lost all decency?
I'm not a moose! I'm a squirrel!
Oh, dear people, would you take a look at that?!
He's a squirrel!
Even if you're a skunk,
get off the road!
We won't leave, until we sing!
What are we standing for? Let's go!
- My dinner is getting cold.
- You'll heat it up.
Maybe we should celebrate here?
All together?
You want to live in this bus for
all of next year?
I'm going to get off the bus
right now and show you.
Till you're blue in the face!
Come over here, please.
There they are.
- Hold this.
- Sure.
Shall we sing?
You know what?
Let us all sing "Purple Fog."
- Maybe a New Year song would be better?
- Not so fast!
Shall we sing?
- You can requests songs at home with your wife.
- But I am not married.
Young man, this is a bus
and not a song request program.
I said "Purple Fog"!
Purple fog
Is floating above us...
Turn around!
Happy New Year.
What happened?
What happened? What happened?
They're having a holiday.
Having fun, as you can see.
- Is it for long?
- For the whole night.
Can't keep still at home.
Alright. Goodbye.
Where do you think you're going?
Turn around! Turn around!
I'll have to do a round.
Go for a drive.
- You're not in a hurry?
- A round is good!
I like long drives.
Have it.
It's for you.
Thank you.
I repeat again: move the equipment!
Commander, the brigadier told me that
if I don't pave everything here, I'm finished.
We have written permission.
It's all okay.
To hell with the permission.
Hello, Rita! What's at your end?
We blocked the road. Now we are
holding down our defenses and waiting for the bus.
Hey! What's going on here?
Why getting in the way of people's holiday?
They won't listen to me.
- Quickly clear the road!
- Hey! You're going to scratch our equipment!
I'm going to do more than scratch it!
We didn't agree to this.
What are you doing?
Clear the road now!
Insolent youth!
Dear mother!
Vadim, what do you mean "drove by"?
What plan of last resort?
Everyone, stop!
This bus is going to Tel Aviv!
I can't go to Tel Aviv! My dinner is getting cold!
- Maybe we should go to London?
- What London? What are you talking about?
- I need to go to mom!
- You see!
Stop, I said!
Mother of a porcupine!
Stop us a car!
How can it be?
Go on, stop one!
Hello! Alyona!
Dear mother! This is Waterfront!
Why did you go here?!
It was all closed over there,
and there's no other road.
I asked you not to go here!
What could I do?
Those people are having a New Year.
- What are we going to do now!
- And what New Year is this? No winter at all.
What people!
So, we're catching a car, getting rid of the driver,
and then stopping the bus. Clear?
- What's up, animals?
- We...
Where are you going?
- To the Kremlin.
- Will you give us a lift?
The kiddies have been waiting
for us since morning!
Really need to be there.
Alright, get in.
My antlers!
Maybe to hell with the Kremlin?
Let's go wish happy New Year to some really great people? And finally have a drink?
Oh no, we
Тариф Новогодний Тариф Новогодний

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