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direction, if you... -
I thought I'd made myself
very clear.
- You did, Father.
- Then?
He needed help.
Ralph Walker does not need...
that kind of help.
He needs to learn
his place in the world.
All of our students
need this from us.
It's what we do as teachers,
Father Hibbert.
It's our gift!
Tell him it's over.
That he can't run Boston?
But, of course, he can.
It's outside of school jurisdiction.
You can't control that.
Watch me.
If Ralph Walker runs Boston...
and is absent from this school...
his career as a student is over
here at St. Magnus.
That's my jurisdiction.
And if you have any part of it...
you are done with this order.
There have already
been discussions.
His mother is dying.
And that's...
the reason he is still
a student here.
I'm trying to help the boy.
He'll be put in a home
as soon as the paperwork is done.
Thank you.
That's all, Father Hibbert.
Yes, Father.
it is paramount that
all distractions disappear.
It's equally important
that all doubts...
be cast aside.
Remember, the marathon
is not without adversity...
You're certainly no martyr.
I'm not even going in deep... yet.
Somehow, when you said massage, I was
thinking of something totally different.
It's only a bruise. In a couple of days
you'll be just fine.
Mr. Walker.
What happened?
- I fell.
- You fell?
Ralph, you're not gonna
be able to run Boston.
The race is 10 days away.
Of course I'm gonna run.
You broke your promise to me.
You said you'd never
mention miracles.
is the miracle my mother will need
to get out of her coma."
- We had a deal, Ralph.
- I didn't break my promise.
I thought you meant
not to mention miracles to you.
Well, you thought wrong.
- That's not fair!
- Listen to me, Ralph.
Father Fitzpatrick says
he'll expel you...
if you run.
I'd never let a priest tell me
whether I can or cannot run.
- I learned that from you.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
I'll sell the rest of the stuff
in the house...
and I'll use the money to pay
for a train ticket to Boston.
But you can't run.
Fitz is gonna
kick you out of school.
Hibbert's right.
Call it off.
I'm running. Besides,
I'm getting kicked out already.
It's only a matter of time,
so I have nothing to lose.
You have everything to lose.
You've set yourself up to be
the laughingstock of Hamilton.
Trust me.
People are talking.
Chester, I honestly don't care
what anybody's saying.
See, that's the difference
between me and you.
Your knee's wrecked,
you can't pray...
you're certainly not pure...
and your mother has been
in a coma for seven months.
She's not coming out.
She is so.
No, she is not.
Goddamn you.
Hey, hey.
Hey! Stop! Break it up!
I forged letters for you!
I put myself on the line!
No, you didn't, Chester!
You've never put yourself on the line!
- Hello?
- Ralph, it's Claire.
I was wondering if you wanted to go
to Holy Thursday mass with me.
You know,
work on your praying?
Holy Thursday.
Let me see.
Yes, I believe I'm free.
Don't you just love Holy Week?
Nice try, Ralph.
Seducing me on Holy Thursday?
Did you think
I was gonna fall for that?
- Honest, I thought you wanted to.
- Me?
Ralph, I'm supposed to be a nun.
And all I was trying to do
was help you with a miracle.
And now look what you've done.
Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Ralph!
What are you doing?
I thought the music
might wake her up.
- Well, it won't.
- I know.
I know.
Oh, honey.
Where's the boy?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm sorry about your house.
Yeah, me too.
Could have been worse.
I don't even have
a picture of them.
At least you're not dead.
And don't worry.
Arrangements have been made...
for you to stay temporarily
at Chester's house.
Thanks, Father.
Am I correct in assuming...
that your Boston Marathon
quest is over?
Well, you are in all our

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