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many could.
You make a fantastic scarf selector.
- Thank you, Ralph.
- You're welcome.
Your father would be proud.
Walker residence.
How may I direct your call?
Cut the crap, Ralph.
It's Chester.
Do you really think anyone's gonna believe
that's your grandmother?
Do you want to go swimming today?
I thought you hated swimming,
My brother says you can see...
right inside the women's change room
from a certain angle.
I need to see naked girls.
I wish Fred had told me exactly
where you're supposed to look.
- Do you think he was lying?
- Couldn't have been.
This is useless.
I'm leaving.
You coming?
Christ, Chester.
We haven't even dived yet.
I'm staying to work on my flips.
I've been reading
about Olympic divers.
Doesn't seem like there's
much competition in that field.
See ya.
Holy Christ.
Fred was right.
What's the matter with that boy?
Is he having a seizure?
Looks more like a fit
if you ask me.
With a seizure,
you're into the whole body...
including the brain.
However, with a fit... -
You're pulling the noose tighter,
Mr. Walker.
Old Testament depravity
has no place in this school.
I expected so much more...
especially from you.
Your father died a war hero.
But, Father, I can explain.
Obviously you've a deviant mind.
Now, mortal sins have been committed.
You will attend 6:00 a.m. mass daily...
to restore your spiritual purity...
and you will join the cross-country team
to deal with your...
energy surplus.
Now, Mr. Walker,
this will be your last warning.
Your next stop
will be public school...
where there is
no spiritual safety net.
Public school?
You're not joining
the cross-country team, are you?
Of course I'm not joining.
I was conscripted.
Why do you guys run?
I mean, what's the point?
It's in our blood.
We have to.
All right, gentlemen.
See you at Chorley Park.
All right. Let's go.
We run in cross-country, so...
How in the name of Christ
did I ever end up here?
I ask myself that every day.
Did Father Fitzpatrick say the incident
would go on your permanent record?
He didn't mention it.
It probably won't then.
Do you think anyone knows
what happened at the pool?
Wanker! Wanker!
Wanker! Wanker!
I'd say so.
All right, gentlemen.
I am deeply disappointed.
Shame on all of you!
This boy's father is dead,
and his mother is in the hospital.
Come on.
Leave him alone, Father.
Mr. Walker can stand up for himself.
We all need a little help
standing up, Father.
Leave him alone.
She had a rough time last night.
But don't worry.
We're watching her pretty closely.
Hi, Mom.
How are you feeling?
For a sick person,
I couldn't be any healthier.
Don't worry.
Give me a kiss, babe.
What's wrong?
Doom and gloom?
What was the most embarrassing thing
you ever did?
What happened?
I got caught committing
a venial sin in the pool.
It was an accident, obviously... -
a technical oversight
by the pool's manufacturers...
if you want to blame anyone.
Mom... -
Alice, I need help!
- Alice!
- What's wrong?
Out of the way.
Move, move, move, move.
She's breathing,
but something's happened.
- I'll check her pulse.
- We need oxygen stat!
Stand back.
- Hiya, Ralph.
- Hi, Mr. Karl.
How's your mom?
They say she'll be coming home
any day now.
I know I was here last week...
but are you looking
to buy anything these days?
I'd feel better if your grandparents
came in themselves.
Here's a note from my grandmother.
But call if you want to.
They just don't get out
as much as they used to.
- Yes?
- Good evening, Mr. Collins.
I've come to pick up Claire.
You have? For what?
Our date.
What time would you
like her home by?
Why don't you just wait here
for a minute?
Any of you kids have names?
I'm Ralph.
- Is it true about the pool?
- Yeah.
Because of you,
our swimming lessons were canceled.
Well, they didn't really

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