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The crowds are going crazy.!
The noise is deafening.!
They've been waiting
hours for this.!
Walker surges.!
Walker surges.!
He has a half step on Bannon.!
No.! Bannon answers.!
They're dead even again.!
And neither one is breaking.!
Bannon is giving everything he's got,
and Walker is still not letting up.!
100 yards to go, and Walker
has now taken the lead.!
- They're closing in on the finish line.!
- Win it.
They're coming down the stretch,
ladies and gentlemen.!
Who would believe it? Bannon's never
been tested like this before.
Fifty yards to go.!
Bannon now slightly ahead.
Does Walker have one last surge?
Walker giving it everything he has!
The runners appear utterly drained...
but they are sprinting...
willing themselves to the finish line.!
This is now a battle of wills,
sheer determination.!
Bannon's starting to move.!
Bannon is starting to move.!
Walker's got to go now
ifhe has any hope of winning.!
Bannon still has the lead
and is driving furiously for the line.!
And John Bannon wins Boston.!
John Bannon wins
the Boston Marathon.!
The 1953 champion repeats
in spectacular fashion.!
The laurel wreath is his.!
It took 26 miles to decide it...
but we finally have a winner.!
Oh, my goodness.!
I can't remember a marathon
ever coming down to the wire like this.!
You havejust been a part
of sporting history.!
You did us all proud.
I lost.
You made us feel like
we were all part of something big.
That doesn't happen every day.
I believed I was gonna win.
Ralph Walker defied me,
and you defied me.
Well, he followed his heart.
Walker! Walker!
I spoke to the press this morning
about your instrumental role...
in Mr. Walker's marathoning success.
Probably wouldn't look too good
if I had to turn around and tell them...
you kicked St. Magnus's
most famous student out.
No, probably not.
I think he may still
need my prayers.
We all do, Father.
We all do.
I still can't believe
you actually did it.
Me either.
I never thought I'd have suspension
on my permanent record.
Are you all right?
Somehow I think it all
mostly worked out...
even though my mom didn't
come out of her coma.
My mom says we could adopt you.
I'm too old to be adopted, Chester.
Yeah, I suppose we all
eventually pass that point.
Thanks, Chester.
You're welcome.
I'm going straight to hell
because of you.
- We could... -
- I'm kidding.
Necking is a venial sin,
not a mortal one.
- God works in mysterious ways.
- He does.
- Father Hibbert!
- Mr. Walker.
I was wondering what
your running plans are for the future.
Well, what are your coaching plans?
That depends.
Well, the Olympics are next year,
and I suppose I intend to win them.
Well, if we're not chasing after miracles,
what's the point, eh?
I couldn't agree with you more.

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