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Walker, hopes to win.
I, for one, think he'll do it.
He won Around the Bay, and there's no
reason why he can't do the same in Boston.
Not a three-mile race,
though the Boston Irish community...
- is showing all sorts of encouragement.
- What's going on, Miss Roddy?
Bannon is running strong.
Who's in there?
Open this door!
Open up!
Who's in there? Open up!
Open up!
Down Beacon Street
toward the Charles River.
It's a drop of 150 feet
that is brutal on tired legs.
Who will survive
this punishment?
I knew he was the forger.
Mr. Jones!
Open up this door
It's early in the game still.
There are 10 runners tightly bunched.
The winner will surely
come from this group.
There are all the usual suspects...
and one surprising addition... -
runner 157.
Let me see.
Ralph Walker from Canada...
age 14... -
But give the lad credit
for gumption in hanging in this long.!
The runners arejust approaching
the first water station on West Central.
We're eight miles into this thing, folks,
and Bannon is leading... - not surprising... -
closely followed by Fox and Monahan
and this kid Walker.
- The sun has come out again.
- Mr. Jones!
Relatively flat for the next few miles.
It's no use.
The PA room used to be the school safe.
You'd have to dynamite it open.
Don't tempt me.
Get it open.
The runners are approaching
11 miles...
and are about to round the Natick
town commons with Bannon in the lead.
Halvorson and Monahan are still very much
in the race, as is Ralph Walker.
You look fantastic. Be patient.
Be patient!
Stay exactly where you are!
You heard right, folks.
I can't believe it either.
Ralph Walker is running
with the leaders.
The youngest previous winner
of this race was Edmond Davy...
who was 20 years old.
The weather has cleared,
but rain still threatens.
The pack continues to remain
tightly bunched...
and there's plenty ofjostling
for position.
I'vejust got word that Fox has bumped
Walker in an attempt to get to the lead.
The kid was hit hard
but has surged back...
and is trying to put some distance
between himself and the rest of the field.
Bannon needs to go with him.
We're too far into this race
for anyone to be pretending.
Ralph Walker is definitely a threat.
He wasn't on anyone's radar
before the race...
and he's leading
the Boston Marathon.
A 14-year-old
is leading the Boston Marathon.!
Bannon is closing the gap
and is now back with Walker.
Fox has dropped off and appears done,
as has Monahan.
Folks, it's down to two as we approach
Heartbreak Hill at 19 miles.
This is the spot that Bannon
made his move last year.
It looks like Bannon is moving.
His head is down,
and he's starting to press.
Bannon is looking very strong,
and Walker is now struggling.
This could be the race.
Walker is definitely in trouble.
Bannon is pressing.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
don't redline.
You can do it, Ralph.
You can do it, Ralph!
You can do it! It'll be a miracle!
Come on! Run, Walker! Run!
- Walker's marathon looks to be over.
- Run!
He can't have anything left
at this point.
Wait.! It appears that Walker
is not quite finished.
Incredibly, he's coming back.!
Folks, I can't believe it.
Walker's with Bannon again,
and now they're through the hills.
We only have two miles left, and Walker
and Bannon are matched step for step.
Reports are that both runners look
exhausted but are not slowing down.
They're coming up
Coolidge Corner.
The crowds have increased
as we approach the finish.
Walker has pulled even again.
He's not backing down one bit
from the greatJohn Bannon.
And they are rounding
the final corner.!
Here we go, folks.!
365 yards to go.!
They're dead even on the 26th mile.!
Who would believe it?
Run, you bastard. Run.
The kid has got legs.
But can he hold on?
This just might be the closest
Boston finish in history.!
Walker and Bannon,
step for step.!
Bannon's straining.!
I've never seen him look this

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