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Сумерки - Новолуние

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love you, but... ''
l love you.
LAMBERT.: But...
She says, ''So. ''
-That's good management tactic.
-WEITZ.: Yeah, the thing you do
when you're disappointing someone,
is you don't say ''positive thing but, ''
you say ''positive thing and or so, ''
you know.
-So, it's not a big letdown.
-LAMBERT.: Yeah. ''I love you,
''so, I'm letting you go from your job. ''
That would be an example in the workplace.
WEITZ.: ''We really appreciate the job
you're doing, so... ''
LAMBERT.: ''So please pack up
and be out of the office within half an hour
''or security will escort you out. ''
WEITZ.: I'm sorry. We shouldn't be laughing.
This is a very...
it's only 'cause it's so painful
-that I can't take it seriously.
-WEITZ.: That you can't face it.
-This is a lovely moment from Taylor.
-LAMBERT.: Otherwise, we see this every day,
-I'd be crying all the time.
-WEITZ.: Yeah. Yeah.
Things are about to get a bit sticky.
Yeah, vampire-wolf fight on the way
unless someone stops them.
You can't hurt each other
without hurting me.
WEITZ.: So true.
LAMBERT.: The Jacob theme in the music
at its most extreme.
WEITZ.: Yeah.
And now a reprise of the eye shot,
but there is frickin' Edward
in the background.
Different. Different times.
And off he goes.
WEITZ.: Sorry, Jake.
Now this is a 20-second-long shot
on Bella's face,
and it's rare the actor
who could support that.
But you can sort of see what's going on
in her mind.
She's giving up Jake.
She's realizing what she's sacrificed,
and then, helpfully, we ADR'ed in
this bit of Edward again,
saying that he doesn't want her
to become a vampire.
Okay, so from this moment,
this is all about...
What I'm trying to do
is manipulate the audiences' emotions
to a fever pitch
as the music swells,
as we get more and more emotional,
and it's gonna just come
to this moment of sheer frenzy.
LAMBERT.: I love the way Rob plays this.
I remember you saying,
when we first watched dailies
and you were suggesting
how to assemble it,
that you'd told him that he should be
a little flirtatious and it's almost...
I think you said Darcy
in Pride and Prejudice,
-like he's toying with her, almost.
-WEITZ.: Well, he knows that he's got this...
LAMBERT.: But he's also nervous.
He's also nervous.
WEITZ.: Yeah, it's nice
that he's got some hesitations,
but he also knows that he's about
to drop a nuclear bomb.
...if you want me to do it myself.
WEITZ.: He's nervous about it.
He knows she loves him.
He knows this is gonna
change everything, though.
That's what l'm asking.
WEITZ.: And then I really wanted
the end of the movie
to be an intake of breath. I don't know why.
LAMBERT.: 'Cause it's
what vampires don't do.
WEITZ.: Very good point.
-LAMBERT.: That's what makes her human.
-You're so right.
LAMBERT.: Again, you didn't know that,
but your instinct did.
WEITZ.: That has been...
Oh, me.
Let's wait until... Melissa!
LAMBERT.: You know,
I think as a bonus, Chris...
Should we clap everyone?
I can't see this.
WEITZ.: Stephenie.
There's Wyck and Karen, well done.
Marty, Greg, Mark, Guy.
Okay, Bill Bannerman.
Okay, so, Kerry, well done.
Obviously, I wanna thank
all of these people.
I wanna thank Summit Entertainment
for giving me the chance to do this.
I would like to thank Peter Lambert
for being such a brilliant editor
-and a good friend through this process.
-LAMBERT.: You're welcome. Thank you.
WEITZ.: Thank you for everyone
who's worked on the making of DVD extras.
Thank you, guys.
Alexandre, well done by you
with your music.
Alexandra, well done music supervising.
All of these people, lovely...
Thank you, Mercedes and Sebastian,
for coming to Vancouver with me.
That's my wife and child, of course.
Thank you to all the actors,
the extraordinary crews,
both in Vancouver and in Italy.
Thank you
to the Quileute Executive Council.
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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