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propose now?''
Or was that just a happy accident.
-You can tell the truth.
-WEITZ.: A happy accident.
LAMBERT.: It was probably
your subconscious instinct was saying,
''Make him kneel down, ''
'cause part of you knew.
WEITZ.: Yes, it did. I think so.
I think you're right.
LAMBERT.: The mark of a true genius.
WEITZ.: It is, when you don't even know
what you're doing.
And for a bit, I didn't have a kiss here,
but Gillian Bohrer at the studio insisted
that they kiss.
Once you say something as romantic as,
''I can't live without you, ''
-you have to kiss.
-LAMBERT.: Yeah.
-WEITZ.: Yeah.
-She was right.
WEITZ.: She was.
Yeah, she was right. She was right.
Okay, so, why Edward keeps on insisting
that she not turn into a vampire
is a matter of much frustration to me,
but anyway, he's again trying to get along
without turning her into a vampire,
and now he's made her angry.
Now she's like, ''All right, let's... ''
Well, actually it's not like he wakes them up.
They're awake anyway.
-They're sort of hanging out, I guess.
-LAMBERT.: Yeah.
They've been in the pool outside,
which you can see through the back door.
-WEITZ.: That is not a pool, Peter. That is a...
-Is it not?
-WEITZ.: A water feature.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
WEITZ.: They don't swim for fun.
It's just, you know, they look at the water
and contemplate it.
-LAMBERT.: Kind of a Zen thing.
-Yeah, it's a Zen thing, exactly.
lt would be nice to not
want to kill you all the time.
WEITZ.: Laughter ensues.
The vote is actually going pretty well
for Bella.
I think she already has a...
-No, actually no...
-LAMBERT.: No, she's gotta wait for...
-Yeah, she's gotta wait for Esme and...
-WEITZ.: But it's actually...
When Kellan votes,
that kind of tips it in her favor.
-LAMBERT.: Who's Calum?
-So she's got most of the delegates.
-LAMBERT.: Oh, Kellan.
-Kellan, yeah.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, sorry,
thought you said Calum.
WEITZ.: Oh, no, Emmett. Kellan.
-So now she's even stevens here,
two against two and Kellan, three to two,
when Esme says yes,
then, boom, she's got a majority.
LAMBERT.: Unless Carlisle goes against her.
WEITZ.: Interesting. Interesting.
Wait, no, no, 'cause she...
How does this voting go?
There should be a big board,
like at the presidential elections.
-WEITZ.: We should have had a little...
-A little commentator, as well,
-taking the count.
-WEITZ.: Yeah, a counter, yeah.
Anyway, here's a lovely song
by the Editors coming on,
which is fantastic,
and you should hear more of.
Edward is not very pleased
at the notion of Bella becoming a vampire.
And there's Jacob.
The unresolved issue, here.
LAMBERT.: Beautiful shot coming up of that.
WEITZ.: Lovely shot,
thank you Javier and Dave Crone.
Jacob, l know you have something
to say to me.
But l want to say something to you first,
if that's all right.
WEITZ.: Well, now,
this whole sort of confrontation is all
about the last second of the movie to me.
You know, leading, sort of...
You know, playing on these emotions,
crushing Jacob's heart once more
before the ultimate cliffhanger.
Hey, my turn to talk.
LAMBERT.: There was an unfortunate sort of
thing that happened
when this scene was shot
where, through a sort of freak accident
of angles,
it made it look
like Taylor was absolutely tiny
when he jumped off the log.
WEITZ.: Yeah.
LAMBERT.: And not because
he is absolutely tiny.
He looked like he was about 2-feet tall,
and it was some sort of trick
of the depth of the shot or something,
so he had to be CG'd up a bit.
(LAUGHING) I remember the first iteration
of the visual effect,
they made him absolutely vast.
-WEITZ.: Oh, yeah, he looked...
-Which was kind of exciting.
WEITZ.: He suddenly looked like a troll
from The Lord of the Rings,
or the Balrog or something.
LAMBERT.: He's about perfect now,
I would say.
WEITZ.: Yeah, I'd say
he's just about perfect, too. Yeah.
This is the old ''I
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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