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Сумерки - Новолуние

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a girl,
unless, as your assistant, Dave Roker, said,
you are Sylvester Stallone,
in which case you can pull it off.
WEITZ.: We should have used
Sylvester Stallone for that moment.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, you're right. Yeah.
WEITZ.: Well, hold on, Chariots of Fire,
they're running in slow motion
the whole time.
-LAMBERT.: Good point, good point. Yeah.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-LAMBERT.: They did look a bit like girls.
-Oh, all right, good point.
Anyways. Yes, so Aro discovers
that she'll be turned into a vampire.
Let us be done with this.
-LAMBERT.: This guy is great, by the way.
-He just gives so much.
So much.
LAMBERT.: My hope is that his line,
''Not without cause''
from the earlier scene
will actually become a catch phrase
which people will have on T-shirts
with pictures of his face, after this movie.
WEITZ.: Yeah.
Or like it'll become a meme on the Internet.
-''Not without cause. ''
-LAMBERT.: ''Cause. ''
WEITZ.: And when we first shot it,
we just loved that line so much,
that we'd make up things like,
''Have you ever met a cat?''
''Not without paws. ''
LAMBERT.: Again, that's the kind of comedy
which takes place
in the New Moon cutting rooms.
WEITZ.: That is the kind of hilarity
which goes on.
That was an all too brief shot of Noot Seear,
the lovely Canadian model, now actress,
who plays Heidi, the girl who was sent out
to fish for tourists
for the vampires to go and eat.
Now this scene, for a while,
we called the schnozberry scene,
because it was...
Let me see, how to explain?
-LAMBERT.: I can explain this.
-Okay, please explain it.
LAMBERT.: So, when your film has been shot,
it gets rushed to a laboratory
where they do a very quick version of it,
which you can edit on your computer
at a sort of not-perfect resolution
just so that you can get
to work on it straight away.
And they have to make
their own quick decisions
based purely on some notes
from the camera department
as to how to color them.
And this was the one occasion
where it didn't quite work perfectly.
And due to sort of an accident
based on the pillow being lilac colored,
the entire scene came out very blue.
WEITZ.: Yeah, because the guy
who was coloring it thought
that that lilac pillow in back of her head
was white.
So he thought that everything white
was supposed to go lilac.
And suddenly this scene looked
like they'd all been eating schnozberries,
from, you know, that movie...
Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
WEITZ.: I think we're not supposed to say
the name of movies.
-And so...
-LAMBERT.: It's a book. It's a book.
WEITZ.: Okay, well, whatever.
Anyway, everyone looked
like they'd been eating schnozberries.
All right, too many blueberries.
LAMBERT.: We called it the blueberry scene
for a long time.
-WEITZ.: The blueberry scene. All right, yeah.
-Anyway, it was soon rectified.
-WEITZ.: Yeah.
And I hope that people don't think
that Edward is now hiding
in a cowering fashion underneath the bed
so that Charlie can't see him.
That's what I suddenly thought
when he opened the door there.
'Cause that would be
a very undignified thing for a vampire to do.
LAMBERT.: No, I think people have got used
to the fact that
he can sort of jump out of windows
-and dart around wherever.
-WEITZ.: Right. Right.
LAMBERT.: I think he's actually on the ceiling.
If the camera just tilted up,
you'd find him,
just hanging there like a beetle.
WEITZ.: Like a ninja.
LAMBERT.: Just like a bead of sweat's gonna
drop down and Charlie'll be on to him.
WEITZ.: Now, that, I think, was from
the first film, that wolf painting, I assume.
But it's funny
because it's as though you see Jacob,
and then you see Edward.
Now here is where most fans of the books
will be expecting the proposal.
But in an act of sadism,
I kept Edward from proposing here.
LAMBERT.: When you got him to kneel down,
was that on your mind?
Did you think, ''People will think
he's definitely gonna
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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