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Сумерки - Новолуние

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have never met anyone
more prone to life-threatening idiocy.
Did you tell him?
He only calls in once every few months.
He said he wants to be alone.
Bella, what is that
God-awful wet dog smell?
That's probably me.
WEITZ.: There's a lovely look
that we kind of cheated in there,
where Bella looks just so terribly defeated
at the mention of Edward.
And it's like when, you know,
someone has broken your heart
and their name comes up,
and there's just nothing to do about it.
And here, to me, is a really nice moment
where this theme comes in,
and so she's just been slammed again
with the fact of Edward's seeming
non-interest in her, and here comes Jacob,
who, against the treaty, against all odds,
is still coming back for her,
which to me, justifies the moment
that we're about to have in the kitchen.
l'm talking about the other bloodsucker
who tried to kill Bella because of you.
Yeah, Victoria's been around.
l didn't see her.
LAMBERT.: This always, for me,
kind of puts paid to Edward's theory
that he was going away to protect her.
It's like, he really should have picked up
on the fact that Victoria was in town,
rather than going to South America
to hunt her.
WEITZ.: Yeah.
Well, not a great decision by Edward.
-LAMBERT.: Bad decision.
-Not one of the great decisions
of all time, let's be honest.
But without that,
we wouldn't have a movie, really.
LAMBERT.: Good point,
yeah, okay, yeah, fair enough.
WEITZ.: So, thank you, Edward.
And I think in a weird way...
That's part of the reason
that Romeo and Juliet
sort of plays a big function in this movie,
because in Romeo and Juliet,
there are just a bunch of horrible mistakes
that people make.
-LAMBERT.: Yeah, yeah.
-And misunderstandings,
which could be rectified
in about 10 seconds
or by just waiting for just a minute.
And yet things go awfully, terribly wrong.
WEITZ.: And that Edward is
very kind of snooty about Romeo
at the beginning of the movie,
just saying how stupid he was,
and yet he does exactly the same thing.
And she can stay as long as she'd like.
WEITZ.: Bella's kind of annoyed at Jake now,
'cause it seems like all Jacob cares about
is the Cullens.
She hasn't quite twigged to the fact
that he's just threatened
by the possibility of Edward coming.
Anything else?
WEITZ.: All right, Jacob's both about to make
his best move in the movie and his worst.
Well, if that's all,
then you'd better go run back to Sam.
LAMBERT.: This is exactly
the same little sting, musically here,
that we heard when Jacob comes in.
It's like he's picking it back up again,
-and then it develops.
-WEITZ.: Now,
I think that her annoyance here,
you can interpret it any way you like,
but part of it is her annoyance at Jake
for not giving himself enough credit
in her life, in a weird way,
and being more of a werewolf than a suitor.
Okay, now, he's about to say something...
LAMBERT.: Yeah, are you gonna tell people
what he's saying?
-WEITZ.: No.
-Okay, good.
WEITZ.: But I will tell you
that it is genuine Quileute,
a language spoken fluently
by only a few people in the world.
LAMBERT.: And we hope that they've told us
the correct translation
of what we wanted them to say.
'Cause otherwise he might be saying
something terrible.
WEITZ.: So somewhere in the background,
I am controlling the telephone.
Don't answer the phone, Jacob.
You idiot. Okay.
-LAMBERT.: So, that ring, actually, you timed.
LAMBERT.: So you could decide
how long to let them
nearly kiss.
WEITZ.: Well,
that ring was on a two second delay,
so I had to decide, actually...
-LAMBERT.: Two seconds beforehand.
-...two seconds beforehand
-how close their lips would be.
WEITZ.: And they just, just, just, just touch
or appear to touch.
LAMBERT.: People think directing is easy,
-but when you hear stories like that...
-WEITZ.: No, it's
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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