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run any faster than,
effectively, as if they'd been shot
at 24 frames per second.
-WEITZ.: Right.
-So in other words,
faster than a human being would run,
we would only go slower
-and go into slow motion.
-WEITZ.: Right.
LAMBERT.: But we suddenly realized
that we could, well, we couldn't,
but the visual effects guys
could do these cool little effects
-to sort of shoot them forward.
-WEITZ.: Yeah.
LAMBERT.: And suddenly they did it once,
and we were like, ''That's cool, ''
and then Susan MacLeod,
the visual effects supervisor, kept pushing.
And then suddenly it was everywhere.
WEITZ.: Her jumping off the cliff.
Yeah, at first,
the technique was to slow them down
in order show them going faster.
We would only shoot them in slow mo,
as it were.
And then we saw
some kind of time-space distortion effects
that conveyed the idea
of someone going so quickly
that the space around them
was kind of warped,
which worked rather nicely.
And here's just the really perverse moment
where Bella is doing something
extraordinarily dangerous and near suicidal,
just to get another taste
of Edward's presence.
LAMBERT.: It's kind of interesting
the music choice that ended up
for the score here, as well.
'Cause I always thought this would be
kind of a big adrenaline-y thing
of her at the top of the cliff.
And then Alexandre wrote
this really lush, romantic music,
the kind of music of longing, which comes
up every now and again in the movie,
and, again, it changes, it transforms it into
something kind of romantic and beautiful.
WEITZ.: Right.
Yeah, very weird stuff happening here.
Okay, so, now we're in a swimming pool
in Vancouver.
And anything that you see
which doesn't look like a swimming pool
in Vancouver is added with CGI.
So, the color of the water,
those waves in the background, CGI.
That cliff there, CGI. This wave, CGI.
This is real, because poor Kristen,
with a cold,
was slammed
with hundreds of gallons of water,
producing these beautiful
kind of bubble effects that are going on.
But this, however
is Rachelle Lefevre swimming
in a swimming pool in Vancouver.
But with all the water around her turned
into what looks like murky, cliff side water.
And now we go into sort of a dream state
where she's close to death.
She's close to drowning and...
LAMBERT.: This again was Kristen and Rob
with weights in their pockets, wasn't it?
-WEITZ.: Yes.
-Just dragging them down.
WEITZ.: Although, Rob actually did sit
at the bottom of the pool.
-LAMBERT.: That's right.
-We filmed them separately.
-LAMBERT.: Someone had to hold him down.
-Rob was at the bottom of the pool
with weights in his pockets.
And then Kristen was feeling
a bit worried about that,
so I said, ''Oh, that's no big deal, come on, ''
and I got into the pool
with some weights on me,
went to the bottom of the pool
and started panicking immediately.
And so I thought,
''Okay, I'm not gonna make Kristen do this. ''
So we actually filmed her
laterally, sideways,
but of course, you know, when you can't
tell the background, you don't know.
So she looks like she's floating downwards,
Edward's floating upwards,
and since he was shot separately,
we could dissolve him in that manner.
And that beautiful Grizzly Bear track
keeps on going at a very, very, very,
very subtle level until she wakes up,
so even when she's on the beach there.
And this again was
what we shot that first day,
when I was saying that
we had all this kind of crazy, crazy weather,
and was the beginning of the torture
that I was inflicting on our actors.
Because, there's poor Taylor,
on Vancouver Island,
it is cold, it is cold, cold, cold,
and they're wet down.
And now here's the hardest line
to say in the movie.
''Harry Clearwater had a heart attack. ''
Four H's in very quick succession.
LAMBERT.: It was good that the Clearwater
was put in there,
'cause I think originally it was,
''Harry had a heart attack. ''
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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