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Сумерки - Новолуние

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think the flash of Laurent
was really also a useful way of us
cutting some unnecessary dialogue
out of this scene, wasn't it?
We used it as a way to skip around a bit.
WEITZ.: Yeah, well, there is a bit where
Bella thinks for quite a long time
that Jacob is responsible for all the deaths
that have been occurring,
having just encountered Laurent.
So I think that it was better
to move on quickly to the fact that
Laurent is the murderer in question.
The butler did it.
And now, this is just pushing in on Jacob.
He's mad.
Now he's got it in for Victoria big time.
So that shot, rather nicely opened
with Bella alone before we rejoined Jacob,
so it had a sense of her vulnerability
before he shows up.
And now this great Thom Yorke...
Oh, wait, okay,
here's another mistake by Jacob.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, yeah,
go inside. Unbelievable.
WEITZ.: ''Come in for a cup of tea, Jacob. ''
Have some tea before you go off
chasing vampires. See what happens.
Something might happen.
Look, she wants you to hang around.
Don't go.
-Oh, he's gone.
-LAMBERT.: He's got a vampire to kill.
WEITZ.: Yeah, I know, but I mean,
it can wait 10 minutes.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, I'd let Sam do that.
Let Sam take that on.
WEITZ.: I know, she's like,
''Why did he just... All right. ''
BELLA.: Until I'm alone.
-LAMBERT.: This track is great.
-This track is great.
This shot is very nicely done
by Javier Aguirresarobe,
because it doesn't just go
from dark to light,
it goes through the different color
temperatures that it would go through.
And she's trying to imagine Edward
but can't,
and there are happy couples all around.
And so this song from Thom Yorke came in,
and it was a surprising song,
because it was kind of a bit techno,
and yet it had a tremendous amount of soul,
but it also had a beat,
and weirdly, it just fit perfectly
into this kind of action sequence.
LAMBERT.: As our temporary music score,
we'd had much more kind of
conventional action-y music
under the whole
wolf-chasing-Victoria sequence.
And then we put this on, and it turned it
into something a bit more dreamy
-and strange. And lovely, yeah.
-WEITZ.: And weird, yeah.
LAMBERT.: And the whole sentiment
of the lyrics if you pick it up being,
''You can do no wrong in my eyes, ''
seems very appropriate
for everything that's going on.
WEITZ.: 'Cause this sequence, you know,
really is about
Jacob protecting Bella.
LAMBERT.: And meanwhile
Bella trying to get Edward.
WEITZ.: Bella seeking Edward.
LAMBERT.: And Victoria mourning James.
WEITZ.: Victoria mourning James.
-And then...
-LAMBERT.: Yeah, and of course,
poor Charlie's love for Harry.
WEITZ.: Charlie's friend dying,
which is Vsad.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make light.
-WEITZ.: Yeah, don't laugh.
-I'm sorry.
WEITZ.: All right, so here's Jacob.
He's had enough of this red-haired chick.
Okay, there's the shot
that's too cool for school for me.
You know, I always like CGI shots
to not be too cool.
LAMBERT.: What was that shot? Sorry?
WEITZ.: The first shot where Jacob-wolf
is charging towards Victoria...
LAMBERT.: And it goes in slow mo.
WEITZ.: And there's some distortion
and slow mo.
WEITZ.: But it is beautiful.
That's the very first shot of the movie
that we're looking at right now.
The very first shot that we took
on Vancouver Island.
Love this shot because you show how
she's moving so much faster than the crow
who's just moving backwards in the screen.
Here comes Victoria running towards us,
camera drops down.
I should say, I didn't film any of this shot.
This is all Phil Neilson,
our amazing second unit director,
and all this stunt-y stuff, all the great stuff
is done by someone other than me.
LAMBERT.: We should talk about
the vampire speed effect,
'cause that was a kind of
a last-minute addition, really, wasn't it?
WEITZ.: Yeah.
LAMBERT.: We always planned that we would
never make the vampires
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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