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Сумерки - Новолуние

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something different versions.
And each time, as you progress,
the musculature moves differently,
the fur behaves differently,
the wind goes through the fur.
And here I played a little trick where the
camera gets knocked over by the wolves,
and you sort of hardly notice it,
but it was to sort of lend
a little extra credibility to the moment.
I suppose it's a bit of a joke, too,
an in-joke to oneself.
Of course the wolves are not real and
they wouldn't knock over a camera ever,
but it's as though it's a camera
standing there on a tripod
and the wolves knock it over.
Now that sound they just made...
...is actually a Quileute thing,
and it's actually at a higher pitch
than I can do with my voice,
but it's the kind of thing that young
Quileute dudes do to say hey to each other.
Oh, hey, about Emily, Sam's fiancee?
Don't stare. lt bugs Sam.
Why would l stare?
Are you guys hungry? Like l have to ask.
Who's this?
JARED: Bella Swan
WEITZ.: This is Tinsel Korey,
who does a lovely job as Emily.
LAMBERT.: She's about to call Bella ''Muffin, ''
as was always our joke
in the cutting rooms.
-Or has she done it already?
-WEITZ.: Nope.
She's going to, and we always laughed.
-We snickered like a couple of school girls.
-LAMBERT.: Oh, how we laughed.
WEITZ.: Now, of course
she's really offering Bella a muffin,
but we thought it almost seemed like
she was calling her muffin,
and that was the funniest thing
we'd ever heard in our lives.
I still laugh thinking about it now.
You've got to understand that we spent
a lot of hours in the cutting rooms
on this movie.
WEITZ.: Yeah.
We go a little crazy in a dark room
looking at footage again and again.
Would you shut up?
These are trade secrets. Damn it!
LAMBERT.: Bella makes a little joke here.
WEITZ.: Yeah, she tries to be funny,
''You can't run with vampires. ''
Emily gets it. The other kids don't.
Now this is a beautiful decoration job
done by the production design team,
set decoration team,
because this was a kind of
abandoned little shed
that was turned into this lovely,
you know, homey, sort of fairy tale
little cottage.
And here it was very important to me
that we see that Bella can't look,
but it's not because of the scar.
It's because Sam and Emily are in love
and are together.
WEITZ.: I love that little moment.
That was an ad-lib by Alex, very, very funny.
Now they have the werewolf talk.
LAMBERT.: First day of shooting was this,
the wolf talk?
WEITZ.: Yeah, this was the first day
of shooting on Vancouver Island.
Those were skip dissolves
where you maintain exactly the same frame
but you position and dissolve the actors
into different places.
LAMBERT.: If we hadn't dissolved,
they would be jump cuts.
-WEITZ.: They would be. But they're not.
-To continue the lesson, yeah.
WEITZ.: Or it would have been
an extraordinarily long shot.
LAMBERT.: Yeah. Okay, yeah.
WEITZ.: So, yes, this is our very first day,
and while we were shooting this scene...
We shot this scene and
the beach rescue scene on the same day.
And during the time that
we were shooting this scene,
there was this overcast,
there was direct sunshine,
there was hail, unbelievably, there was hail,
and I just thought,
what more can Mother Nature throw at us
to mess up our shooting day?
But somehow we managed.
You know, the shot back towards
Jacob was actually much more sunny,
and what we did was take the blue
from the sky and desaturate it,
so that it's gray, which matches
with the look back at Bella,
and it all kind of matches together.
Now we're gonna find out
what really happened to Laurent.
-The one thing we do kill, Rastafarians.
-LAMBERT.: Rastafarians.
Wait, Jake, you can't.
Don't worry.
We can't touch your little precious Cullens...
WEITZ.: A little reference to the treaty
and then we'll see Laurent
getting ripped up.
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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