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-''I don't believe it. ''
WEITZ.: Here come the wolves.
So, here is Sam-wolf, and this went through
hundreds of iterations
to make him dark enough,
to make him reflect the light
in the right way,
to make the wind move him enough,
to make sure that when he breathed,
it'd reflect the cold of the atmosphere.
And in this shot,
he always reminds me of a friend of mine's,
now passed away, Pomeranian.
LAMBERT.: But not for long.
WEITZ.: Okay,
here's our first vampire speed shot.
Well, actually,
we've seen little bits of it here.
I love this shot. This is gorgeous.
That's a gorgeous little CGI shot
with Bella reflected.
We took an element of Bella
and mapped it onto an eye.
The iris was colored based upon Taylor's,
and it all turned out lovely.
Here is Laurent ready to pimp slap a wolf.
LAMBERT.: Great bit of sound work there
from Scott Hecker and the sound guys.
WEITZ.: Lovely stuff
of the galloping wolves coming up.
And so now we're gonna...
You know, Bella has run away
before she's seen
the conclusion of this fight,
so there's kind of a Laurent wolf fight
Rashomon thing that's gonna go on.
Where she perceives it as impossible
that the wolves could have killed Laurent.
Also notice Harry looking very antsy
about the wolves having been discovered.
Not stoked.
LAMBERT.: We notice it, but Charlie doesn't.
WEITZ.: Yeah, Charlie, Charlie...
the least perceptive policeman.
WEITZ.: Super cop Charlie,
not noticing these subtleties.
Okay, here's Bella's imagining,
I love this shot,
of what Laurent's gonna do to these guys,
which is, you know, take them out.
LAMBERT.: This was a kind of
completely unscripted thing, wasn't it?
As I remember it, there was a weather issue
when this stuff was being shot
of Laurent running from the wolves
with the visual effects guys.
-WEITZ.: Correct.
-And they had a bit of extra time,
and Edi said,
''I would love to fight the wolves. ''
So they shot a bunch of stuff,
and then later in the edit we sort of...
-WEITZ.: We added in some wolves.
-...just suddenly realized
it would be really cool to drop it in
in different places.
WEITZ.: I mean, Edi basically said,
''Laurent would not go out like that,
just running. He would turn and fight. ''
And so we ended up
with this kind of cool stuff.
LAMBERT.: And then, prudent actor that he is,
he then gave a series of interviews
where he told people
that we were gonna see him
being attacked by the wolves
at the end of the movie,
at which point we were pretty much tied
into doing it,
and it works well.
WEITZ.: So there's this lovely parkour moment
or free running moment,
where Jacob jumps up.
And that's really Taylor
doing his own stunt.
He had a wire on him, but only to keep him
from falling to his death,
not to help him jump.
And the tree outside Bella's window
was constructed specifically,
it was made in order to allow for that gag.
And I always wanted to put a little music
over this shot of the...
-LAMBERT.: The evil Brady Bunch music?
But it seemed a bit too much.
LAMBERT.: Alexandre did
write something for that.
WEITZ.: He did.
LAMBERT.: But we'd had music so recently
that it was just a real push.
WEITZ.: Yeah, it seemed like we were trying
to push it too much.
But people sort of get it
that Jacob is heartened by this view
and the fact that she's actually got it
hanging over her head
when she sleeps is very touching to him.
And now they realize how much
they have in common.
How they've both been trapped
in this kind of web of supernatural terror,
I suppose, when he sees the bite
-that James inflicted on Bella.
-LAMBERT.: Yes, yes.
Bella, do you remember
when we walked on the beach at La Push?
WEITZ.: Yeah,
there's a rather touching moment now
where Bella can't remember
Jacob's side of the story.
He's trying to tell her, but she can
only remember the Eddy part of it,
the Ed part of it,
the Edward part of
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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